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Kakuzu helplessly let go of Yu Yu and burrowed into the soil. After a moment, he felt something was wrong.

"Here!" As Kakuzu stepped on his feet, more earthly thorns stretched out from under his feet.


The soil was stirred up, and within a few breaths a headless body with tattered clothes was pulled out.

Kakuzu threw the body to the ground and was greatly surprised when he went to check it out.

"It didn't rot."

Kakuzu is a person who often deals with corpses, so he can naturally tell how long the corpse has been buried from the decay of the clothes.

Unexpectedly, even though his clothes were rotting, his body was fine, and it seemed that this body was not like this when he died.

However, this body is very skinny and there is not much meat left on it.

Kakuzu let out his resentment and explored the corpse. It was really just a corpse, with a heart that didn't even beat.

There is no smell yet. What kind of power maintains this corpse?

Xiaonan reminded: "The head should be nearby, let's find the head first."

Now that it's determined to be here.

As soon as Kakuzu stepped on it, more earthly worms burrowed into the ground like earthworms.

After a while a head was dragged out.

The head's eyes were closed, and only a shallow layer of skin stuck to the bones. It looks like it's dried.

Konan frowned and looked at Hidan's head a few times: "Connect the head and body and take a look."

Kakuzu was also a little curious, and Yu flew out and quickly connected his head and body.

The threads shuttled back and forth, and Hidan's necks quickly connected together.

"Xiaonan, it doesn't seem to work."

As soon as he finished speaking, Hidan suddenly opened his eyes.

Kakuzu subconsciously wrapped around Ji Yu, and Hidan was instantly entangled into a rice dumpling.

Hidan opened his mouth and spat out the dirt in his mouth: "Ahem, Uchiha! I'm going to kill you and sacrifice you to the evil god!"

The sound was like a half-broken bellows, hoarse and unpleasant.

Kakuzu looked interested: "It's really alive. How did this happen?"

Xiaonan shook his head: "I said he is immortal."

Kakuzu's resentment was like a drill, piercing into Hidan's abdomen.

"It's really strange, the blood actually started to flow." Kakuzu had previously found out that it was a corpse.

"Uh...ah!" Hidan screamed, struggled wildly, grabbed the thread of Ji Yu and bit it.

"Huh!?" Kakuzu's resentful Yu quickly shrank back.

"It hurts!" Hidan yelled crazily, and his zombie appearance was very scary.

"I issue God's sanction to you!"

Hidan stepped on the blood dripping on the ground and quickly drew a triangular circle symbol on the ground.

Kakuzu was a little curious, ready to see what he was going to do.

Hidan chewed the pieces of Earthen Yu that he had just bitten into his mouth.

There is actually blood in it.

"Okay, the ceremony begins!"

Hidan's entire body turned into black and white, and without weapons, he could only raise his skull-like knuckles.

Straight into his heart.


Kakuzu's pupils shrank sharply, and then he suddenly fell to his knees on the ground.

"What kind of ability is this!?"

"Hahahaha." Hidan laughed maniacally.

"It's such a pleasure."

"May the Evil God enjoy eternal glory!"

Kakudu bent down, his back bulged, and the water-attributed mask of the earthly resentment flew out directly, and then turned into pieces.

"Damn it! I need to replenish my heart again!" Kakuzu stood up fiercely.

"Hey, why aren't you dead!?"

"Watch me kill you!" Kakuzu said angrily.

Hidan smiled nervously and said, "Can you do it?"

Just as the two were about to fight, countless pieces of paper were shot from the sky.

Just separate both sides.

"Xiaonan, do you really want this guy to join?"

Xiaonan smiled and said: "This way you won't kill your teammates so easily, right?"

Hidan yelled from the side: "What nonsense are you talking about? I don't know who you are."

"But I still want to preach for the Evil God Cult. I have no interest in your band."

Xiaonan said helplessly: "We are not a band."

"In order to fulfill your mission, you must join the Akatsuki organization."


Xiaonan said: "Because Akatsuki is a killing group that can do assassinations, wars, and everything else."


Raikage's office.

Tutai rushed back dusty.

"Lord Raikage, this is Uchiha's condition." Dodai told the Raikage the contents of the negotiation with Natsuki.

Take out the map and mark the four islands that Natsuki Uchiha wants.

"Uchiha Natsuki promised that he would hold Konoha down. He also sent two other powerful Mangekyō Sharingan masters, Itachi and Shisui, to assist us in attacking the front line."

"And he said Kirigakure should be able to have strong foreign aid."

Ai stood up: "This is all a trivial matter, as long as Uchiha can hold off Konoha. Then we can accumulate a lot of advantages in the early stage."

"It turns out that Shisui also has the Mangekyō Sharingan. No wonder Danzo wants to steal his eye." Ai nodded understandingly.

"The later Iwagakure comes, the greater our chances will be."

"As for Kirigakure's foreign aid, we need to pay attention to it."

Although Ai has a bad temper, he is just straight-tempered. Not really stupid.

Otherwise, he would not have presided over so many foreign wars during his reign.

"Dodai, do you think the Uchiha side is reliable?"

Dodai said calmly: "Lord Raikage, the conflict between Uchiha and the Third Hokage has reached an irreconcilable point."

"Unless the Fifth Hokage is an Uchiha, the Uchiha will never compromise."

Raikage Ai thought about the recent information.

Tsunade is currently staying in Uchiha and has an ambiguous relationship with Uchiha. The third Hokage should not choose Tsunade to succeed him.

The news just now is that Orochimaru has returned to the village.

Orochimaru now no longer has the power he once had as one of the three ninjas.

Now that he has returned to the village, he has no foundation or political achievements, and has no chance to be the Hokage.

Jiraiya has been in the village recently. Could it be that the Third Hokage is planning to choose Jiraiya?

Dodai continued: "And the factor of victory in the main battlefield this time is still Goju Yagura, since Uchiha Natsuki has sworn that Goju Yagura is dead."

"Then we need to pay a little price to find out the information."

The Fourth Raikage Ai thought so too.

As long as Kirigakure's situation can be found out, the loss of a few spies is acceptable.

After discussing the process with Tutai again.

Ai ordered: "Mabuyi, now send all our spies to investigate the Kirigakure situation at all costs."

Azalea closed the notebook.


Chapter 219 Treatment

Konoha Village.

Orochimaru has been back for a few days.

We are currently sorting out the existing equipment in the laboratory and checking which equipment needs to be repurchased.

After all, he has a lot of things in Otoyin Village. Even if he has a storage scroll, it is inconvenient to move, so he is going to buy new ones.

Although Orochimaru was rich, the Third Hokage knew what Orochimaru's needs were and satisfied them one by one, and Orochimaru also saved a fortune.

After Orochimaru finished his experiment that day, he came to see Jiraiya.

Jiraiya was talking to the Third Hokage in the office.

"Old man, if nothing happens, I want to continue traveling. My books haven't been updated for a long time."

Jiraiya leaned on the bench carelessly.

After Orochimaru returned to the village in the past few days, the old man and Orochimaru got along well.

To be precise, Orochimaru didn't pay much attention to the Third Hokage, but Orochimaru didn't cause trouble either.

Just working in his own laboratory.

Jiraiya stayed in Konoha for a while. Because of Natsuki's actions in the past, Jiraiya was closely watched by the Hyuga clan when he went out for a walk.

Especially near the bathroom, security has been tightened.

All Jiraiya could do was go to Flower Street to drink some flower wine and relax.

But in that kind of place, he felt that it was all vulgar and vulgar, and it could be seen casually, and it couldn't inspire him at all.

The Third Hokage was furious: "What time has it been? Do you want to leave?"

Jiraiya said indifferently: "Didn't Shisui and Itachi leave the village? Now Tsunade and Orochimaru are still in the village, what are you afraid of?"

The third generation sighed, now he didn't know how Orochimaru wanted to take revenge on Uchiha.

But for the sake of stability, the third generation still would not let Jiraiya go.

The Third Mizukage had no choice but to change his direction and said to Jiraiya: "The Fourth Mizukage Gotachibana Yagura is dead."

Jiraiya was stunned for a moment, unable to react.

The Third Hokage continued: "Kumogakure and Kirigakure may fight."

"Are we going to fight again!?" Jiraiya tasted something.

Because many times in the past, great ninja wars started from two villages and gradually spread to the five major ninja villages.

The third generation nodded, with some worry on his brow, especially thinking that this time Uchiha might take this opportunity to become independent or have a coup.

"If Kumogakure and Kirigakure fight, Iwagakure probably won't just sit back and watch."