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"Let's go, Lord Tsuchikage."

Onoki is an old man, so he can naturally see Natsuki's excitement about Feitian, and his defensiveness towards Natsuki is somewhat reduced.

Ohnoki also flew into the sky.

Both of them rose to more than a hundred meters high and stopped: "This place should be enough, Chief Xiamu."

Xia Mu was flying opposite him. At this height, it was safe and there was no need to worry about being eavesdropped. It was very good.

"Okay, Tsuchikage-sama, let me tell you the truth. The battle between Kumogakure and Kirigakure will be over within half a month. You, Iwagakure, cannot take any advantage in the past."

"I will return Deidara to you this time. I hope Iwagakure will not fight Kumogakure for the time being."

Chapter 264 High altitude talks

The Tsuchikage old man put his hands on his back and looked up and down at Natsuki.

He only brought a few hundred people out, with the purpose of going to Yunyin to fight the autumn wind and see if there was any advantage.

It is true that a large number of Kumogakure's troops have gone out now, but these people are not dead.

If Iwagakure throws in a lot of people and gets entangled there, and Kumogakure suddenly comes back to help, Iwagakure is likely to be flanked by both sides.

But according to Xia Mu, there is something else going on.

"I'm very happy that you can capture Deidara, but one thing is another, do you think that I would give up the opportunity to attack Kumogakure because of Deidara?"

Ohnoki is not a child and will not do anything led by others.

In the current situation, it is obvious that Uchiha wants something.

So Onoki directly turned against customers.

Natsuki was dumbfounded, although Onoki liked Deidara very much, but looking at Onoki's appearance.

If it came to the benefit of the Ninja Village, Onoki would also give up Deidara.

And Ohnoki obviously saw that Natsuki wanted something, so he directly turned against the guest.

People like Onoki entered the Land of Fire with the approval of the Third Hokage, but Natsuki knew that he would not tell the truth now.

He probably couldn't replace the Deidara in his hand.

"Lord Tsuchikage, to tell you the truth, there are my people there in Kumogakure. Kumogakure's invasion of Kirigakure this time was completely a trap by Kirigakure."

"They have sent so many people this time, and it is still unknown how many of them will be able to come back alive."

"If Iwagakure strikes now and those Kumogakure who are still at sea come back to help, then no one will step on the trap we set."

After hearing Natsuki's words, Onoki was greatly surprised.

I had previously thought that Uchiha was a member of Kumogakure, and was here to stop Iwagakure from attacking Kumogakure's hometown.

Unexpectedly, Uchiha stopped Iwakaku because he was worried that Kumogakure would not be able to step on the trap when he came back to help! ?

"The Raikage has led at least five thousand people. Even if you have internal agents, how much can you eat!?"

Ohnoki was very confused. When there were so many people, ordinary traps had lost their effectiveness.

Natsuki gave it away: "This is a secret, but I have already told you the truth, Tsuchikage-sama."

"Since you Iwagakure and Kumogakure are both feuding, you also want more people from Kumogakure to die, right?"

"Anyway, it's only half a month. You, Iwagakure, won't be able to take advantage with such a small number of people in the past. On the contrary, you will be easily ambushed."

"Why not wait and see? You can also take your genius disciple Deidara back to Yanyin. Why not?"

Natsuki said sincerely, and Onoki was also seriously considering what Natsuki said.

Indeed, from a war perspective, Iwagakure could have hundreds of people running into Kumogakure's territory to cause trouble.

The benefits that can be obtained are not too much.

As Natsuki said, if Kirigakure left a huge trap waiting for him, it would undoubtedly be best to wait.

After finishing thinking, Onoki said loudly: "Natsuki, can you guarantee that Kumogakure will suffer a lot of losses?"

Hearing Onoki's name, Natsuki smiled: "Don't worry, Tsuchikage-sama, it will definitely be enough to make Kumogakure hurt."

Onoki nodded with satisfaction. He did not ask what the specific trap was.

But since the Uchiha clan was so committed, he could still wait a little longer.

"Well, I agree to this matter."

Natsuki breathed out: "Okay, Lord Tsuchikage, now that we're done talking about business matters, we can talk about personal matters."

"Oh?" Ohnoki became curious.

"Xiamu, what else do you have to do?"

Natsuki did not answer directly, but said to Onoki with a smile:

"All of Tsuchikage-sama's disciples are very good. I wonder which one of them Tsuchikage-sama is planning to appoint as the next Tsuchikage?"

Speaking of this, the smile on Ohnoki's face faded, and he said in a distant tone: "No comment."

Natsuki shook his head: "Lord Tsuchikage, it is not a secret that you have not found a successor. If you are willing to talk, we can be more honest."

"Because I have some small methods here that should be able to help you."

Onoki frowned, wondering what Natsuki was doing. After all, they were not in the same camp. Would he be so kind to help Iwagakure?

"How are you going to help me?" Ohnoki asked with a frown.

Ohnoki is indeed very stubborn, and always refuses to let go of the rabbit.

But Xia Mu has to do the task, so he still has to follow suit.

Natsuki said tentatively: "Deidara is talented and intelligent. If he can obey discipline, he should be a good candidate for the Tsuchikage."

Natsuki's words were said into Ohnoki's heart. He indeed liked Deidara very much, but Deidara often made him very angry.

Disobedience to discipline and misbehavior.

As a disciple of Onoki, he has so many resources, but he does not focus on improving his strength but on art.

When Deidara was still around, Ohnoki's preaching and reprimands to him were not a sign of hatred towards him.

"That boy has a naughty personality and is not useful for much purpose. He is not the best candidate to succeed the Tsuchikage."

Onoki snorted, half of this sentence was true and half was false.

Natsuki secretly laughed, Onoki was really tough-talking.

"Isn't it normal for teenage boys to be rebellious? Just because they are naughty now, doesn't mean they will be naughty in the future."

"Personality changes with experience and age, but talent does not."

Onoki sighed, Natsuki really spoke to his heart again.

Deidara is less than 15 years old now, and in other ninja villages, he might be someone who is about to get married.

However, Iwagakure is slightly different from those ninja villages. Iwagakure is surrounded by rocky mountains and has solid defenses. It also has relatively little communication with the outside world.

Therefore, the atmosphere in the village is relatively conservative, and Iwagakure rarely sends young people to the battlefield.

Almost all Iwagakure who went to the battlefield were twenty years old and above.

This also has something to do with Iwagakure's ninjutsu.

The ninjutsu they activate basically requires a large amount of chakra to be supported in order to be powerful.

Therefore, those who go to the battlefield are generally young adults.

This is the reason why Deidara is causing trouble everywhere, and Ohnoki has been trying to deal with Deidara's aftermath.

It was because Ohnoki felt that Deidara was just a naughty and immature child.

At this point in the conversation, Onoki also relaxed.

After all, even if you don’t admit many things, they are still true.

Ohnoki's stubbornness was doomed. He wanted to find someone who could learn dust escape to succeed the Tsuchikage.

The reason is that it is very difficult and even very dangerous to practice Dust Escape based on written records alone.

It's not that Ohnoki doesn't want to pass it on to others, but those people are not the material, either because they don't have enough conditions or they can't learn.

"Deidara's talent is indeed very good, but his character is too naughty, which completely wastes his talent!"

Onoki relaxed and acknowledged what Natsuki said.

It's exactly like the feeling of a parent who hates his own child.

After all, not everyone knows how to engage in education, and he is still a stubborn old man in his seventies.

"Lord Tsuchikage, I have a way to make Deidara obedient, so that he will not only be willing to learn dust escape from you, but also make him your successor."

Chapter 265 Reclamation Plan

High in the sky.

Upon hearing Natsuki's words, Onoki's first reaction was not surprise, but a frown.

"The relationship between our Earth Country and your Fire Country is not good."

"Or, what do you Uchiha clan want to do?"

Natsuki spread his hands: "You know the situation between our Uchiha clan and the Leaf Village. They have long been at war."

"We Uchiha are about to become independent, and we hope to become allies with Iwagakure."

"You Uchiha want to be independent?"

Ohnoki didn't expect that there would be an Uchiha who didn't want to be Hokage.

"You don't want to be Hokage?"

Onoki was really a little surprised. The Land of Fire had abundant products and the Hokage's power was very great.

Xia Mu shook his head: "I don't want to."

Onomu looked at it carefully, and Natsuki answered decisively, as if he really didn't mean it.

"Just becoming allies? That's fine too."

Ohnoki agreed casually.

After all, this kind of alliance can only be regarded as verbal, and a true community of interests is the strongest ally.

Xia Mu also knew it very well.

So he said: "If we Uchiha fight against Konoha, you Iwagakure will be the happiest, right?"

Onoki snorted and did not deny this.

But the Uchiha in front of him was simply a freak.

Not only did he have no desire to be Hokage, he also had no intention of merging with Konoha.

Even the way to deal with the conflict with Konoha is to run away on his own.

"If we Uchiha leave Konoha, it will be a good thing for you, right?"

Natsuki opened the skylight and spoke frankly.

The current Uchiha clan is very powerful, with money, resources, and strong men. It is time for rapid development.

If Uchiha truly merges into Konoha Village, Konoha Village will even recreate the grand occasion of the first Hokage Hashirama.

"Are you Uchiha really leaving?"

Onoki's curiosity was piqued.

Natsuki nodded, took out a map from his body, drew a circle on it and threw it to Ohnoki.

After Onoki took over the map, Natsuki said: "Our cooperation with Kirigakure this time, Kirigakure will cede these islands to us."

At this time, Onoki seemed to know Natsuki again:

"Have you even chosen a place?"

Natsuki nodded: "I just said that I wanted to become an ally with Iwagakure, and I didn't mean it verbally."

"It's about allies who are willing to help us establish a base."