Next, Orochimaru was very considerate and had a casual chat with the special envoy.

After a few polite words, the special envoy took his leave and left.

The Third Hokage watched Orochimaru flip the money around with his own eyes.

Put 150 million into three boxes.

Everything else was put into the storage scroll.

The third generation thinks about Orochimaru's plan.

"Are you sure about the Uchiha matter?"

Orochimaru put the money at his feet and said to the Third Hokage.

"Uchiha Itachi's eye injury was very serious this time. Natsuki has already come to see me. Unless it is cloned, Itachi will also be blind."

The Third Hokage frowned: "Can the Sharingan be cloned?"

Orochimaru chuckled: "It can be cloned, but the ones cloned will not have their eyes opened."

"It's not that simple for Uchiha to open his eyes."

"It took Itachi more than ten years to reach the Mangekyō Sharingan. If you try it again, you may not be able to open it again."

Orochimaru's words were not to deceive the Third Hokage, but the truth.

The evolution of the Sharingan is due to the special chakra produced in the Uchiha brain, which acts on the optic nerve to cause changes in the eyes.

If you really install the cloned eyes and want to return to the kaleidoscope again, I'm afraid it won't be that simple.

Some things that have been stimulated may not necessarily have the same effect again.

"Old man, think about it, this is a great opportunity to annihilate all Uchiha. If we keep delaying it like this, Uchiha may have another chance to rise again in the future."

Orochimaru sounded a little unhappy. Orochimaru did not agree with the Third Hokage's gentle approach.

The Third Hokage took a puff of cigarette:

"The opportunity is very good, but Kirigakure and Kumogakure have already started a war. Judging from Kumogakure's appearance, he will not give up until Kirigakure is destroyed."

"Judging from Kirigakure's reaction, there is probably something wrong with their Jinchuuriki."

"So this battle is expected to last for a while."

"It may even lead to a scuffle in the end. We in Konoha, at this juncture, had better not suffer any losses, otherwise we will lose a lot of initiative in the future."

Orochimaru seemed to be convinced by the Third Hokage: "Okay, Uchiha Natsuki has already sent me a message."

"Natsuki will bring Itachi here alone today, so you can make arrangements for him, just in case."

The third generation nodded, feeling a little drummed in his heart.

"I'll call Tsunade over too."

Orochimaru heard this and said uncertainly: "Tsunade is not trustworthy now, the risk is too great."

"Instead of calling her, why don't you find me two death row prisoners."

Orochimaru grinned, his eyes filled with deep malice.

The Third Hokage looked shocked: "Is it true?"

Orochimaru stuck out his tongue and turned around: "Yes, that's right, it's Tobirama-sama's technique."

"You actually learned that technique!"

The Third Hokage said solemnly: "This technique cannot be used in Konoha."

Orochimaru understood what the Third Hokage meant, and he shrugged: "Just in case, aren't there you and Jiraiya?"

Sandai paced back and forth, thinking for a moment.

Thinking of Natsuki's Susanoo power, he nodded: "I'll send two people to you later."

In the afternoon.

News came from ANBU.

As expected, Natsuki came to see Orochimaru with Itachi, whose eyes were covered with gauze.

Orochimaru is now in the laboratory every day, and the surrounding houses belong to Orochimaru.

It was recently renovated and no one has moved in. It has always been vacant.

Although Natsuki avoided many Anbu, the Third Hokage had known about it in advance.

Still found clues.

In addition to Orochimaru's people, Orochimaru's laboratory also has Hatake Kakashi, who was sent by the Third Hokage.

It just so happens that Kakashi needs to go to Orochimaru often because of eye cloning, so it makes sense for Kakashi to be there.

The Third Hokage had already put on his battle uniform, and Jiraiya was also called to his side.

Chapter 279 Ten thousand snakes died violently

Konoha Village.

Xia Mu came to the laboratory early in the morning.

When we arrived, there were only two people in the laboratory, Orochimaru and Kakashi.

Orochimaru and Natsuki quickly went out.

Before leaving, Orochimaru gave Kakashi a look.

Kakashi understood instantly.

He hesitated for a moment, then thought that this was Lord Hokage's order, and suppressed his uneasy heart.

After Orochimaru and Natsuki walked out, Kakashi came to Itachi.


There was a huge noise, and Orochimaru's laboratory was smashed into pieces by a golden Susanoo.

An angry roar sounded: "Orochimaru, you betrayed me!"

Susan is only in the first level of skeletal form, but every attack he makes is full of power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The buildings nearby kept collapsing.

Orochimaru dodged left and right under Susanoo's attack.

The body twists into various incredible angles.

"Hehehehe, Xiamu-kun, how can you call it a betrayal? You used other gods on me, and I haven't settled it with you yet."


Natsuki was shocked.

Orochimaru smiled cheerfully.

Following Orochimaru's sinister laughter, he jumped into the air.

Reach out to form a seal.

Psychic art!

A huge shadow appeared in the field.

"Orochimaru, is this the brat?"

Orochimaru stood at the head of the snakes.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him. I'll do whatever I promised you."

A cold look flashed in Orochimaru's eyes.

Wan She opened his mouth and blew out the smelly wind.

"Very good, I am very satisfied with this transaction!"

The sound shook the entire place.

"Xiamu, I hope you like this gift."

Orochimaru laughed wildly in the air with malice.

Xia Mu snorted coldly, and his eye power exploded.

Chakra surged out from all over his body, and the golden Susanoo instantly expanded from his skeleton,

It grew to a size of fifty meters, a head taller than Ten Thousand Snakes.

The shadow was reflected on Wan She, and Wan She felt a sense of oppression for the first time.

He said cautiously: "Orochimaru, this battle requires more sacrifices."

Orochimaru formed a seal with his hands on Wan She's head: "Don't worry, everything will be easy if you defeat him."

"Eight Distinctive Techniques!"

His body shape changed, and Orochimaru suddenly expanded into a huge white snake.

And the number of smugglers is still increasing.

In just a moment, he turned into Yamata no Orochi.


Along with the snake's neighing sound, the eight-headed snake and ten thousand snakes rushed forward.

Natsuki pulled out Susan's weapon and chopped off a snake head with one stroke.

Soon more snake heads wrapped around each other.

Seeing Orochimaru working so hard, Wan She also joined the battlefield.

Susan and the two snakes were fighting so hard that the ground was shaking, and the buildings nearby kept collapsing.

Smoke and dust rose into the sky and spread in all directions.

And in this case.

No one came to see it.

On a house not far away, the Third Hokage and Jiraiya stood side by side.

There was an ANBU nearby reporting:

"Lord Hokage, all the people in the vicinity have been cleared."

"The members of the barrier team are ready."

The third generation waved his hand: "Go down and activate the barrier."


After the ANBU people went down, a large-scale cyan barrier immediately rose nearby.

Natsuki, Orochimaru, Sandai, Jiraiya and others were surrounded.

The purpose of this barrier is not to prevent people from entering or exiting.

It's to prevent the sound from spreading.

After the barrier was raised, Natsuki and the two snakes were fighting loudly inside.

No sound could be heard outside the barrier.

After the barrier was fully deployed, Sandai pulled off his robe to reveal the combat uniform underneath, and Jiraiya rushed to the place of battle together.

The two giant snakes struggled with Natsuki's Susanoo for a while.

The head of the Yamata no Orochi is missing five pieces, and the snake skin of Wan She is turned up, revealing a terrifying knife edge.

Susanoo's sword was broken by the snakes and disappeared.