When the sea surface closed, the water collided with each other and erupted with huge water columns and rumbling sounds.

The sea couldn't calm down for a long time, all of them were pieces of Kumogakure's ship, as well as some survivors.

The number of survivors was very few, and they were all seriously injured.

Kumogakure's fleet is 10 to 78.

There were more than 4,000 Kumogakure, and almost all the chuunin and genin died under the huge waves.

There are less than a thousand people who can survive!

Kirigakure's Terumi Mei took a telescope and watched the whole process. She was completely stupid.

It's really...a person broke into Yunyin!

The other Kirigakure were also stupid. They forgot to avoid the waves and were washed away by them.

Even Ibiki, who was in a higher position on Jinlian Island, had his whole body washed away by the waves.

None of the other Ninja Village spies were left behind.

After being washed by the sea water, their whole bodies were soaked, their faces turned earth-colored, and they were shivering.

A technique of this level and power is unheard of and unseen.

Is this really something that humans can do! ?

All the spies were wondering if this kind of technique could be performed in the center of their village.

Is it because their Ninja Village is gone?

After the brief period of fear, all the spies remembered their own jobs.

Such important information must be brought back immediately.

Just now, Payne fell from the sky.

Those who were closer and had remote observation methods saw Payne's special eyes.

Not everyone knows the information about the Samsara Eye.

Even if you put the Samsara Eye in front of them, they won't recognize it. After all, it's a legend.

Even in Konoha, only Jiraiya and the Third Hokage knew that this was the Rinnegan.

But everyone was interested in exploring these eyes.

Although Payne didn't say it, other forces had already guessed his identity.

He should be the leader of the Akatsuki organization.

This ability, which is like a natural disaster, has not appeared for many years since Hashirama's death.

The information about the leader of the Akatsuki organization was spread like snowflakes in an instant.

Chapter 303 Complete the mission

Lei Ying was soaked to the skin, and infinite anger burst out of his heart!

No matter how strong he is, he can only save Mabuyi.

The salty sea breeze was mixed with the smell of blood.

Twisted limbs, broken necks, chests pierced by ship fragments.

There are many such Kumogakure on the sea. Countless half-dead Kumogakure and a large number of ship debris crowd the sea surface.

Some were vomiting blood while trying to stand firm on the sea.

Some had their eyes peeled off, leaving only two **** holes on their faces. They climbed onto the wooden board and lay dying on it.

Some are deaf, shouting for help, but cannot hear their own voices.

Some struggled to climb out of the water with their hands, only to find that their legs were broken but they were unconscious.

The entire sea is like purgatory on earth.

Although Mabuyi was rescued, seeing such a scene, she fell down on the beach and burst into tears.

"Akatsuki Organization!! I want you to die!!"

Raikage's voice was filled with raging anger!

But there are no figures from the Akatsuki organization on the sea.

The remaining Kumogakure began to search for anyone still alive on the sea.

Yunyin's people have all spread out on the sea.

Kirigakure would obviously not let go of such a good offensive opportunity.

At this time, a large number of Kirigakure gathered on the beach took advantage of this time to attack fiercely.

Terumi Mei led Kirigakure and ordered:

"Don't get involved with Kumogakure! If you can't kill him, just replace him!"

There are a lot of Kumogakure on the sea now, and most of them are injured people. At this time, the fastest way to kill Kumogakure is to hit them last time.

If there is a strong Kumogakure, don't bother with him, just go find someone you can kill.

After Terumi Mei ordered him to go down, he searched in another direction.

And beside her, she was still followed by Gansaki Kisame and Loquat Juuzou. Zabuza was injured and was temporarily in the rear.

Some Kumogakure were farther away and were less affected. They were injured and climbed up from the bottom of the sea to the surface.

There was no time to join up with other companions, and he was killed by Kirigakure's searching troops.

The Raikage here found Kirabi, who was injured again, and Yukito.

Found both Mabuyi and Samui's team.

I saw Kirigakure coming over.

He quickly went to stop Kirigakure’s attack:

"Mabuyi, Samui, gather your personnel immediately and prepare for a counterattack."

Raikage was angry and hateful!

They, Yunyin, had killed and injured so many people under this blow, which was enough to be said to have broken their muscles and bones.

Damn Akatsuki organization! Damn Kirigakure!


When Raikage saw Kirigakure massacring those injured Kumogakure, he immediately turned to full speed!

Thunder escape chakra mode!

Blue light emitted from Raikage's body, and his speed increased instantly.

Aiming at Terumi Mei and the other three people, they galloped away.

Obito watched the entire Shinra Tenzheng from beginning to end.

He, who had always regarded Nagato as a chess piece, couldn't help but feel a huge shock.

Nagato was actually able to develop the Samsara Eye to this extent.

He knows this extremely large-scale Shinra Celestial Strike.

It requires a huge amount of eye power and chakra to complete.

And after using it, there will be a long period of time when other abilities cannot be used.

If Nagato continues like this, there is a chance that he will escape control.

Obito had already sent Kakuzu out, and he knew that Nagato's control range was only forty to fifty kilometers.

If only Nagato's true form could be found!

Obito's eyes were dark, and if there was any danger, it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Kakuzu has already searched all the places on the beach where he can hide people.

But there was still no trace of Payne.

But he found two rings belonging to the Akatsuki organization in a cave by the sea. Those belong to the Red Sand Scorpion and Deidara respectively.

After the last contact between these two people, these two people also lost trace.

The first time Kakuzu discovered the ring, he was really ecstatic.

He didn't want to follow Obito, but he couldn't run or fight him.

In desperation, he could only work under Obito.

What Obito boasted about him was that he was Pain's collaborator and the spokesperson of Madara's will.

Kakuzu sneered at this.

The only leader he recognized was Payne.

Although Obito's ability is weird and he beats Kakuzu so hard, Kakuzu is not convinced.

From Kakuzu's point of view, Obito is just a lost dog who was driven out by Uchiha.

I heard that he had fought Uchiha several times and was completely defeated.

It's useless if you can beat him. If you can beat Pain, Kakuzu can barely listen to his commands.

Now, as soon as Kakuzu picked up the ring, Kakuzu picked it up and used the Phantom Body Technique, preparing to contact Pain.

But after Kakuzu sent out his thoughts, he didn't receive any feedback.

It was as if the leaders had disappeared.

Kakuzu looked very unhappy. He used to be carefree and could be his favorite bounty hunter.

Every day, I make money, save money, and live a happy life.

Now Obito uses him as a tool.

Never take him seriously.

Really abominable.

Kakuzu's serious search back and forth was not to do something for Obito.

But he wanted to escape from Obito's clutches after finding the leader.

It's a pity that he searched a fifty-kilometer radius and couldn't find any trace of the leader.

At this time, a vortex appeared behind him.

After using the Shinra Tensei, Pain lost consciousness, fell downwards, and fell into the sea.

Originally, this move would only cause him to lose his ability, but Nagato used Tendo Pain controlled in relay mode.

When Payne used Shinra Tianzheng, the Six Paths were completely unable to control, and Payne of Heaven naturally lost control.

Nagato in the cave suddenly opened his eyes, his skinny body was stained with sweat, and his face was full of exhaustion.

Even the light of the Samsara Eye has dimmed a lot.

Xiaonan next to him knew that Shinra Tianzheng had been used, and Tiandao could no longer control it.

Konan quickly input chakra into Nagato's body.

After a moment, Nagato regained his breath and said, "It's okay, Konan."

Xiaonan finally stopped: "Is it enough?"

Nagato nodded: "We are psychic enough and they are back."

Xiaonan immediately pulled out the prepared scroll, and there was an auxiliary psychic circle on it.

The long door handle was pulled out from the wooden cart.

Slowly forming the seals, after his body became like this, the speed of connecting the seals also became very slow.

"Psychic art!"