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boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Six clouds of smoke rose up, and all six paths were channeled back.

Nagato lowered his hand in relief.

Konan immediately went up to check on Tendo Payne. After all, it was made of Yahiko's body and could not be left to chance.

Fortunately, Tiandao Payne's body was very strong. His clothes only got wet when he fell into the sea water, and there was no damage to his body.

Based on Nagato's guess, Obito would most likely be looking for him on the battlefield.

If the mission can be completed, there will be no need for additional battles.

Chapter 304 Melee

Battlefield of the Kingdom of Water.

Obito searched the sea area where Pain landed.

There was no trace of Payne.

Obito felt uneasy in his heart.

Especially after asking Kakuzu, I found that there was no trace of Nagato's body within a fifty-kilometer radius.

Xiaonan is not here either.

Obito knew there must be something wrong.

Otherwise, according to Nagato's character, it would be impossible to use a Shinra Tensei and then disappear.

On the sea, Kirigakure was strangulating as much as possible, and the injured Kumogakure screamed for death.

But Obito is no longer interested in this kind of scene. What he needs is to find Nagato as soon as possible.

Kakuzu looked at Kumogakure, who was destroyed by a single blow, on the sea, and there seemed to be fluctuations in his eyes.

The sea surface has never calmed down, and the sea water has been turbulent back and forth. Neither Kumogakure nor Kirigakure, who are stepping on the sea surface, can move forward smoothly.

At this time, a figure rushed over quickly from the sea, and his whole body erupted with strong Thunder Chakra.

Wherever he passed, a patch of wolf flowers was knocked out of the undulating sea surface, and the sea water stretched out a white line behind him.

He rushed towards Kirigakure with fierce momentum.

All the Kirigakure on his path dived directly into the water without looking at Kumogakure in front of them.

Escape in all directions.


Raikage angrily stepped on the sea surface, and the sea water exploded instantly, erupting into a column of water that reached the sky!

But there is no trace of Kirigakure anywhere.

He turned his eyes and looked in another direction at Terumi Mei and the others.

Raikage stepped heavily on his foot, causing the sea surface to dent and explode.

The thunder shadow flew towards Terumi Mei and the others like a bolt of lightning.

When Terumi Mei and the other three saw the Raikage rushing toward them, they didn't panic and formed seals collectively.

Water escape, water dragon bullet!

Three water dragons burst out of the sea! Rushing towards the thunder shadow!

Raikage had an angry look on his face: "Kirigakure! You deserve to die!"

Under the overwhelming anger, all the muscles on Raikage's arms bulged and he punched out fiercely.

boom! boom! boom!

All three water dragons exploded into sprays all over the sky!

"Huh!?" Lei Ying stopped in confusion.

Why are you so weak! ?

But they saw Terumi Mei and the other two people turned into sea water.

"Water body!?"

Under the water not far away, the three people quickly moved away from Raikage.

Terumi Mei had already suffered a loss once and was not prepared to face off against the Raikage again.

There are many injured people on the sea surface.

Kill if you can. If you encounter someone strong, retreat immediately into the water.

Even if Kumogakure can swim, he is not as good at water as Kirigakure.

Kirigakure's mission today is to try his best to kill as many Kirigakure as possible.

Kisame did not act alone, this time Natsuki's plan had succeeded.

Yunyin killed so many people and lost all his supplies.

His current mission is to protect Terumi Mei.

After the last battle, Loquat Juuzang also understood the Raikage's frontal combat effectiveness, and had no intention of stroking the tiger's beard.

If something happened to Terumi Mei, it would be more of a loss than gain, so he was also guarding Terumi Mei.

Ao was not following them, but was directing Kirigakure to search for and kill Kirigakure in the sea.

As long as there are strong people coming, Kirigakure will dive for them all without being greedy.

A tug-of-war broke out on the sea, with Kumogakure's masters running around to rescue him.

Kirabi and Yukito were both injured and could only transform into half-tailed beasts.

Both of them were trying their best to pull Yunyin back from their hands and concentrate.

Both of them were angry and hateful, but wherever they passed, Kirigakure didn't fight them at all, and just jumped into the water and escaped.

If we pursue him, it will be a complete waste of time to save other Kumogakure.

The busiest among them is the Raikage. He uses the high-speed movement of the Thunder Chakra mode to shuttle across the sea.

The Raikage's intimidating power was so great that wherever it passed, Kirigakure would dive to avoid it.

After fighting for half an hour, Kumogakure finally gathered everyone together, and Raikage was very tired.

Although more than ten people were killed by Kirigakure, he was killed at least dozens of times by Kumogakure, most of whom were injured before.

Seeing that he could no longer take advantage, Kirigakure began to retreat slowly.

Raikage's face turned livid: "Mabuyi, how many people have we lost?"

Mabuyi's whole body was soaked by the sea water, her hair was scattered, and she was in an extremely embarrassed state.

But he also tried his best to complete his work.

"Lord Raikage, 80% of our ship sank into the sea. About three thousand Chuunin and Genin were killed or injured."

"Now...we have less than a thousand people left."

When Mabuyi reported this number, she felt sad in her heart.

Kumogakure brought out a total of more than 5,000 people, but lost 700 on the way. Now he has lost more than 3,000, and now there are less than 1,000 left.

Although these people were all masters, the large number of deaths of genin and chunin were enough to make Kumogakure crippled.

And all the supplies on the ship sank into the sea.

This battle against Kirigakure has failed.

Next, let’s see what Raikage plans.

Raikage also knows that this war against Kirigakure has failed. Although there are still many people in the hometown of Thunder Country, those people will definitely not be able to be transferred.

Besides, since the Akatsuki organization can come once, it can definitely come a second time.

So it was impossible for him to send Yunyin over again.

Now he has only two choices. One is to retreat immediately and stop the loss in time.

The second is...

Raikage's eyes widened: "All those who can fight, come with me to avenge my companions!"

"Kill Kirigakure!"

"Avenge your comrades!"

Yunyin felt aggrieved. They had always been the only ones to take things by force. This time, they lost more than half before even landing.

How could they swallow this breath?

Led by the Raikage, except for a few seriously injured people, the others followed the team towards the Kirigakure stronghold.

Two jinchūriki who couldn't completely transform into tailed beasts were also among them.

Kirigakure who retreated did not expect Kumogakure to be so reckless and refuse to retreat even after so many people died.

Terumi Mei and others took the lead and retreated to the stronghold.

She didn't ask Kisame why the Akatsuki leader disappeared after attacking once.

Any normal person can guess that releasing such a technique requires a very high price.

If it can be used continuously, the Akatsuki organization can dominate the world.

The Akatsuki organization has done a lot.

It even far exceeded her expectations.

For the rest of the time, Kirigakure only needed to buy time with them, and Kirigakure would naturally be able to retreat.

Terumi Mei gathered several senior officials together and began to discuss countermeasures. Ao was very calm:

"Now that Kumogakure's anger is raging, we should avoid its edge and abandon our stronghold here."

Zabuza, who was wrapped in gauze, also agreed:

"We have won this battle. There is no need to struggle with them."

Terumi Mei also thinks so:

"Kumogakure no longer has enough supplies and backup. As long as we delay for a while, these people will have no choice but to retreat."

Suddenly Kisame's voice came.

"It's best to go together when you leave..."

Chapter 305 Kirigakure’s background

Battlefield of the Kingdom of Water.

Kirigakure stronghold.

Hearing Kisame's words.

Terumi Mei asked doubtfully: "Why?"

In terms of safety, Kirigakure is a local snake. If he breaks into pieces and runs away, Kumogakure will definitely not be able to chase him down.

After all, Kumogakure is the only one who can run fast, Bokuto and Raikage.

Yukito is still injured, so his speed is not much faster.

Kisame bared his teeth and said, "This way, the Kumogakure coming after us will be more concentrated."

"The teacher sent a message. He has two old friends who want to teach Kumogakure a lesson."

Terumi Mei was surprised and said: "Mr. Feitaki's friend?"

Terumi Mei has already seen the power of Feiwa. He went out to attack the Eight-Tails Jinchuuriki before and seriously injured Kirabi, but he is still not fully recovered now.

Since he is Fei Waterfall's friend, he must at least be such a strong person.