MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha - C.839 It still hurts a littleSep 13, 2023

MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.839 It still hurts a littleSep 13, 2023

Chapter 839 It still hurts a little

Chakra surged up continuously, from the depths of the body, as the chakra flowed throughout the body, the injuries began to heal rapidly, the broken bones joined in the blink of an eye, and the torn muscles healed instantly.

Like thousands of repeated surgeries, the treatment is performed mechanically and spiritually, like an artistic hand of God, which is dazzling and amazing.

This is the power of the legendary fourth generation.

Indeed, he was not at the same level as those famous doctors in Konoha.

As a ninja, injuries are common, and medical services are provided no less than a hundred times.

Never before has it been as fast and flawless as it is now.

Lowering his head and letting the blood drops fall, Shisui clenched his fist slightly.

Power, a steady stream of power, surged up.

"You're reinforced."

The Yondaime's voice sounded in his mind.

"If you have any powerful skills, don't hide them, just use them."

"That kaleidoscope or something."

"Even if you make yourself blind, I can still save you."

Due to the continuous updating and iteration of medical technology, eye blindness caused by pupil depletion is no longer a technical problem.

And there are many treatment solutions.

"Use it with confidence."

Chakra was transforming in the body, and through the eyes, it was continuously transformed into the pupil power of the Sharingan. Feeling the pupil power in the eyes so full that it almost exploded, Shisui held his breath.

"Yondaime, how do you know I have a kaleidoscope?"

It wasn't that Shisui wanted to hide it intentionally, but it was his grandfather's instructions. There was nothing to show off anyway, so Shisui obeyed obediently.

As I get older, I gradually realize the horror of my eye skills, and I don't dare to spread them everywhere.

"You don't have one?" Tsunade asked, with a hint of surprise in her tone.

"Yes." Shisui replied.

"Isn't that quite normal?" Tsunade said: "Stop talking nonsense, you kid needs snacks. In a fight, it is common sense to use your ultimate move when meeting. You kid is so timid. What are you afraid of? What's the problem? I'll carry it for you."

I've been very careful.

Zhishui wanted to speak but stopped.

But why does the Fourth Generation think I'm not careful?

This is a difference in perspective.

Speaking of which, Shisui was confused as to how these kaleidoscopes came about. He just woke up one day and suddenly they appeared.

The clan does have a way to stimulate the eyes, which is in the hands of Teacher Zhili, but I haven't heard of it being able to open the kaleidoscope.

Are my eyes ordinary?

Unable to help it, Shisui had doubts in his mind.

But there is nothing to be confused about. As long as it is a genetic problem, it is not a problem.

Due to changes in the external environment, it is common sense for organisms to degrade organs that are overburdened and unnecessary for survival.

Most cave creatures in the dark do not have light-sensitive eyes. However, once they leave the cave and go to the outside world, they have to adapt to survive and reproduce for several generations. Oh, I can grow them again.

Degenerated does not mean that it has been thrown away. It is still in the gene registry and has not been deleted. All that needs to be done is to reactivate the expression.

Shisui was not the only one who unknowingly became Miki's guinea pig.

Mainly because Shisui was close.

As a guinea pig at the same time, Obito opened his eyes and wished that the whole world knew about it and showed off everywhere.

"You guy."

In a dark underground cave hall, squatting on a stalagmite, a pair of kaleidoscopes emitted scarlet light in the darkness. Looking at the ninja in the darkness in front of him, he said in a deep voice: "This is not an ordinary ninja."

In the darkness, Shengshu said nothing, looking at the four-person team that stood in front of him.


It needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

"Stop talking nonsense to him." Kakashi's cold voice sounded, and as the Chidori chirped, the lightning suddenly lit up on his hand and said, "Get rid of it as soon as possible, otherwise, the credit for walking will be given to others."

"That's right." Lin said, "The captain thinks so."

"I know! I know!" Hizashi said helplessly: "Three minutes, I will give up if it times out."

"Thank you." In the darkness, Lin looked at Shengshu with a smile and said, "Be careful, Uncle Shengshu, we are in trouble."

In terms of seniority, he is indeed an uncle.

Lin revealed her identity because she was really afraid that Shengshu would be beaten to death.

We really have a lot of people, you just barged in all by yourself, really

Lin had a headache.

Shen Shu also had headaches.

The little girl Lin recognized her.

"My name is Brother! How many times have I told you!" Shengshu admitted bluntly.

"Okay, Uncle Shengshu."

Obito was a little shocked and said, "Lin, how about I put some water in?"

Veins popped up on Naoki's forehead. This brat from Uchiha really looked down on others, he was so arrogant.

"Forget it, just use it if you have any problem, you brat of the Uchiha family."

Naoshu said unhappily.

"Who do you think I am?"

"Isn't he just the Yondaime's younger brother who has no sense of existence?" Obito asked in confusion: "Are you very powerful?"

This identity does require a bit of face.

Hizashi slapped his face.

But Obito obviously doesn't think so.

Should I take action or not and let Obito and Kakashi do what they want?

If the Yondaime feels distressed and causes trouble afterwards, I can blame it on them.

Hizashi thought a lot, and even more about the cute boy at home.

My cute Neji is still eagerly waiting for me to take him to the amusement park.

"I'm your uncle!" Naoki also had a bad temper. Obviously, he couldn't stand Obito.

Obito couldn't listen to these words, and when he heard the words, he immediately became anxious.

"Say it again! Bastard!"

Seeing this, Sheng Shu felt confused about his life.

He is still very confident in his stealth skills.

How on earth did I get discovered by these guys?

"If you have the skills, come over here." In the darkness, the Rope Tree Chicken Thief put one hand behind his back, formed a seal with one hand, and spoke provocatively.

Sorry, it's better to strike first.

How should I put it, the rope tree that was once very simple and innocent changed its appearance under the clutches of Mei Ji.

Hizashi saw it and the corners of his mouth twitched.

I feel like this guy isn't very smart either.

Ignoring the three subordinates, they took the first step and jumped up instantly to avoid the subsequent ninjutsu attack.

Water Escape. Water Breaking Wave

A fine stream of high-pressure water jets shot out in the blink of an eye. As the head swung and chopped, the natural stalagmites along the way cut and slid like tofu, approaching Obito in the blink of an eye.

"You guy!!"

Obito yelled, but he didn't move.

The water column sliced ​​through the body smoothly, like a phantom, unscathed.

"How despicable! Sneak attack! No martial ethics!"

On the same spot, Obito jumped up and down angrily.

It was nothing more than that he really didn't react and made evasive movements. He could only use the kaleidoscope eye technique to cover up his embarrassment so as not to fall behind.

And Naoshu's eyes widened in surprise.

What kind of ninjutsu is this? I have never seen it before.

Time and space?

But the next second, a feeling of heart palpitations swept through my body.

Something is coming.

He looked at Kakashi who was on guard from the corner of his eye.

The hands were shining with noisy lightning, which looked very threatening.

But, it didn’t move, it wasn’t him!

"Bite your teeth"

The evil wind sounded shrilly, a white fist came into view, and Lin's voice sounded faintly.

There was a loud bang, and the rope tree flew out upside down, with shattered front teeth and **** foam.

Turning over and landing on the stalagmite, Lin shook her fist like a heavy cannon.

"Uncle Rope Tree."

Strange power.

As a super advanced medical ninjutsu, it is the basic skill of excellent chakra control.

As a member of the Thousand Hands clan, strange power is a natural talent, but chakra control is not. The same technique can be used very differently.

Climbing up from the pile of broken rocks, the Rope Tree spat out a mouthful of blood and smashed it to the ground.

"That's why I hate girls from your tribe."

One by one, they are all humanoid tyrannosaurus monsters.

I almost forgot what my sister’s fist tasted like.

Thank you for helping me remember, niece Lin.

There is no doubt that Naoki was beaten by Tsunade.

Boys are bound to have naughty moments.

To be able to survive firmly, there is no doubt that you have two brushes.

Naoki looked at Lin. Although the sound and light from Kakashi attracted most of his attention, the technique that moved silently and at high speed was

I just barely managed to capture a little trace.

"It's a ninja technique to silence and attack at high speeds." Tsunade's voice sounded in his mind, saying, "I developed it, so be careful, Roe Tree."

"I know, sister."

"Does it hurt?" Tsunade asked concerned.

"It doesn't hurt." Shengshu replied coldly.

"Then I can cure it."

"It still hurts a little." Naoshu grinned, showing his missing front teeth.

Ah, there seems to be some air leakage.

His face couldn't help but darken.

"The teeth have grown in." Lin, who had sharp eyes, said upon seeing this: "Your medical ninjutsu is not bad either, Uncle Naoki."

At the same time, communicate with your companions secretly.

There was a trace of solemnity in his eyes.

No one dares to underestimate Tsunade's biological brother.

This was his full blow, and he actually lost his teeth. It was no better than throwing a brick.

Things get a little tricky.

Naoshu made a stinky face and did not answer.