After Snake Princess left, Tsunade looked at the design in her hand.

This is Mei Ji’s design drawing of the insect swarm. Everything from flies to giant carabid beetles and even nano bugs are all recorded in it. Many completed and unfinished products are also recorded in the eucalyptus.

After looking at this thick information, I realized the real power of Meiji.

Unlike ordinary ninjas who hammer here and there, they make up for whatever is missing.

Meiji builds a solid foundation to raise tall buildings from flat ground.

Tsunade held out her hand, and the surface of her skin began to change.

Slug flow. Imitation animal fairy method

It uses the slug's deformation ability to simulate the ability and appearance of the beast, which involves a series of medical ninjutsu such as genetic manipulation and the induction of multifunctional stem cells.

From one species to another, there is a partial change, but not a complete change.

This level is enough for Tsunade, and there is no need to go deeper.

Now, the key to the last door is in Tsunade's hands. She copied it based on Miki's experimental information. Soon, Tsunade mastered the trick.

After being completely familiar with the map, Tsunade successfully mastered the new skills.

A dark carapace formed on Tsunade's arms, which was the shell of a desert infantry.

As time passed, tiny moisture in the air condensed on the shell, and Tsunade collected it in a water bag.

"Magical creatures."

"It does not rely on chakra and water escape ninjutsu at all, and it can also collect precious water sources from the harsh desert environment."

"How did Meiji discover these little guys."

But that's not the most amazing thing.

Tsunade looked through the information with interest.

"Hey, there's also biosteel."

There are not only bio-steel, but also a variety of special synthetic material technologies of bio-steel, which are used in various fields such as construction, many of which increase physical strength.

For example, bio-steel synthetic bones and bio-steel woven skin.

Slugs can apply this technology.

However, the most interesting thing is probably this.

After tinkering with the information for two days and constantly making corrections through trial and error, Tsunade finally successfully reproduced it in the middle of the night.

In the palm of his right hand, the dark incantation twisted to form lines, and finally combined into the word "worm".

Tsunade raised her hand, and a red dragonfly flew out with lightning and fluttered its wings, hitting the sand dune in front of her. After a loud explosion, the fire exploded and dust flew up.

Xia Chizu

"Very good!"

Tsunade cheered.

Different from Miki's egg-laying mode, the growth process from hatching to complete metamorphosis, Tsunade uses her own technical power to guide the formation of cells in a one-time injection mode.

Compared with the spawning mode, the disadvantages are the limitation of production capacity and high chakra consumption, but the advantage is that it is fast.

Once the technology is proficient, it can be faster, which can make up for the limitations of production capacity.

Tsunade pondered it over, thinking about how to continue revising it.

Otherwise, this level is not enough to surpass Mei Ji.

But after a few days, Tsunade had to give up. After flipping over and over again, she finally saw something fishy between the words.

The Xia Chizu series has been developed to perfection by Meiji, and there is no room for modification.

Originally, Tsunade wanted to transplant Xia Chizu's ability to little Tsunade. Considering that little Tsunade couldn't fly, she went to great lengths to add two pairs of wings to little Tsunade, but in actual flight, she quickly , Tsunade discovered that its flying ability, due to the unreasonable aerodynamic ratio and body structure, was completely inferior to Xia Chizu's dexterity and strength, and its threat level and performance plummeted.

"As expected of you, Meiji."

In the past, there was nothing special about Xia Chizu. Apart from the fact that it could explode, it was quite unique. However, after actually using it, Tsunade found that the details inside were all skills, streamlined and ruthless, and any changes she made were redundant.

After the distress, Tsunade quickly changed her mind.

Don't seek transcendence, just seek to be able to touch porcelain, and that's enough.

Tsunade was wallowing in the ocean of knowledge, ups and downs.

Some are easy, and some are really difficult.

For example, nanobugs are the size of cells, and even smaller bacteria and viruses are better.

At this point, Tsunade realized that she needed the assistance of precise control of the instrument. Operations based solely on chakra perception and technical sense were full of mistakes.

Therefore, it depends on She Ji's assistance.

Tsunade has money, but it's useless even if she has money, she doesn't know where to buy things.

"No wonder it's so generous."

So, if you don’t know how to do it, skip it first, pick the easy ones and wait for others.

On the tenth day, the person finally arrived. Sensing the approach of chakra, Tsunade put away the information and looked in the direction of the visitor.

Four people, Danzo, Uchiha, and grandpa?

When Tsunade was a child, she didn't understand, and her impression of Hashirama was very similar.

With Hashirama's resurrection, Tsunade also remembered Hashirama's chakra.

There are big differences on the surface, but they are very similar in details, with a strong vitality.

On the sand dunes in the distance, three people walked up and stopped at a safe distance from Tsunade.

There is no need to recognize Danzo, Tsunade is very familiar with him. He glanced at the Uchiha mask and his eyes fell on the hermaphrodite, one black and one white.

These are two people, a living being that is fused together through some kind of technology.

According to Miji's technical term, it is a Chimera synthetic beast. Tsunade has not only seen it in the information, but has also used this technology in the hospital before, and has completed many allogeneic organ transplant surgeries. The advantage is that it is better than organ cultivation and regeneration. The operation is easy and cheap, can improve the overall efficiency of the hospital, and doctors who do not meet the technical requirements can operate independently.


After Tsunade murmured softly, her eyes turned to the Uchiha mask.

The kaleidoscope that the other party has opened will not be mistaken.

However, this guy's body smells like a grandfather.

A vein stretched on Tsunade's forehead.

I really don’t treat my Senju family as an outsider.

Originally, Tsunade was still in the mood to exchange pleasantries with Danzo.

It's gone now.

The golden brown eyes changed rapidly, and a baru appeared quickly, followed closely by the second, and the third, which combined and rotated together. After being connected, they transformed into a scarlet kaleidoscope.

Different kaleidoscopes have different exclusive abilities. As the eyes of the soul, they reflect the true inner world of the host.

"Tsunade..." Danzo greeted with a gloomy face. Before he finished speaking, he noticed the subtle changes in the air and his expression changed.

Tsunade, this guy, has no martial ethics!

I haven’t mentioned anything yet!

God's true destiny

Wherever the eyes touched, the invisible and immaterial children's magic attack was launched, locked, and arrived at the speed of light.

Danzo felt the changes in his body and his expression changed wildly.

This is a seal! ?


There is no such ghost seal!

The flow of chakra solidified!

He couldn't activate any techniques, he was completely under control, except that he could still move his body.

This is a portrayal of Tsunade's inner control.

The next second, a terrifying fist carried wind pressure and approached Danzo's face. It zoomed in sharply, and the skin on his cheeks trembled like waves under the strong wind.

will die!

will die!

Danzo's eyes looked horrified, and his body, which was sluggish under the condensation of chakra, couldn't react in time. He was hit by a blow and flew up with an explosion.