MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

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With a snap, Danzo fell to the sand, red and white scattered all over the ground, as easily as he killed a chicken.

The gap was so huge that Danzo had no ability to resist.

Tsunade raised her hand to form a seal, having an idea she wanted to test.

Ignoring the two people around him.

At this time, Black Zetsu and Uchiha Mask had alarm bells ringing in their hearts.

Start counterattack immediately.

The first is Dust Escape, a dazzling white light shining.

Tsunade looked up, and without stopping, the child's technique was activated.


Although it is my first time to use it, I am quite familiar with it. Children's Technique is so fool-proof. Whether it is kaleidoscope or samsara eye, just pour in chakra to activate it. It becomes fool-proof with one click, and you don't have to worry about chakra at all. flow.

The dazzling white light burst out in a straight line, hitting the air in front of Tsunade, and returned to its original path in an instant.

Resistance is a reflection of one's mind. The harder the pressure, the stronger the rebound.

Chen Escape and the rebounding Chen Escape were stagnant in mid-air, constantly canceling each other out.

Seeing that something was not right, Black Zetsu launched an attack, and the surging wood escape erupted from the other side, sweeping toward Tsunade.

Tsunade didn't stop what she was doing.

At this time, while using the child's technique on one side, he cannot turn his head and look to the other side at the same time. Facing the Sharingan, the cheap tactic of two-on-one bypassing the back is still effective.

However, a strange and horrifying scene happened.

The kaleidoscope moved.

Literally, move.

An eye crawled out of Tsunade's eye socket, and the slug-like eye stalk flicked out. He raised the eyeball and then twisted it, looking at Black Zetsu through the rotating kaleidoscope.

Hei Jue, who had never seen such a scene in his life, was horrified.

"Wash the motor!"

Tong Shu activates.

God's true destiny

The flow of chakra stopped, and the wood escape movement that could no longer grow solidified, stopping beside Tsunade like a dead tree.

The Uchiha mask on the other side of Tsunade also had his eyes wide open in shock.

What a monster! ?

After finishing the seal in his hand and jumping away, the dusty beam of light instantly reflected to his feet.

At this time, Tsunade's jutsu was completed and released.

Danzo's soul was not captured and was immediately absorbed by Miki's underworld.

Without a soul, resurrection is impossible.

Even the best medical ninjutsu is useless.

With a slight sigh, Tsunade disappeared on the spot.

So fast...

The Uchiha mask in mid-air opened his eyes wide, and the flow of chakra froze?

The next second his vision went dark, and his hands moved to block it, but he couldn't. His whole head deformed under the heavy punch, and was pressed down into his chest. When the headless body fell to the ground, a huge sound came from the other side at the same time. ring.

Strange power. Snake fist

The extended arm retracted like a spring and quickly returned to its original size.

Hei Jue looked at the fist-sized hole in the wooden escape in front of him, and looked down at his chest. From the hole leaking body fluids, he could clearly see the desert scenery behind him.

A few simple tricks can be said to help a child.

Tsunade narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at the three corpses present.

Danzo was confirmed to be dead, his chakra reaction was rapidly weakening and disappearing, and this Uchiha had two brushes.

Tsunade turned her head and looked in one direction, feeling very sure that just now, something swished away.

This hermaphrodite, on the other hand, is dead, but not completely dead, only half dead.

The white guy's chakra reaction is weakening and disappearing, but the black guy is a little different.

Playing dead?

Tsunade stepped forward, stepped on the corpse's head, looked down and said coldly: "Get up."

Seeing that pretending to be dead didn't work, after struggling for a moment, Black Jue squirmed away from White Jue and rose up.

"What are you?" Tsunade asked.

"I know where he went." Hei Jue answered the question and quickly sold his teammates.

"Looks like you're still of some use." Tsunade said, stepping on Bai Zetsu's head.

"I'll lead the way!" Hei Jue said anxiously.

Tsunade raised her foot with lightning and struck Hei Zetsu horizontally. With an explosion, Hei Zetsu took off and then landed, rolling like water in the desert.

Tsunade put her feet down and raised her eyebrows slightly.

This guy is a bit thick-skinned, and he feels like a tailed beast?

After finally controlling his body, Hei Jue got up and ran after landing.

At this time, the furious Tsunade stepped on and chased behind Black Zetsu in the blink of an eye. A large shadow enveloped Black Zetsu, and then he punched hard. With a loud bang, the sand waves exploded like a fountain.

This guy is a bit tougher than the tailed beast.

Immediately, Tsunade started beating violently, and after half an hour, Tsunade stopped.

It has to be a seal.

This guy's body is a bit special, and it's a little more difficult to deal with than the tailed beast. He recovers too quickly. He obviously doesn't have as much chakra as the tailed beast, but this abnormal chakra recovery is like some kind of immortality.

A little bit difficult to do.

Tsunade couldn't help but frown, not wanting to put this ugly thing into her body.

Your body is not a trash can, you can put anything in it.

As for ordinary seals, there are no conditions on hand.

However, these two children's tricks are quite useful, but they are useless to Mei Ji.

"Get up and follow me." Tsunade said coldly.

Struggling to get up from the sand trap created by Tsunade, Black Zetsu rolled and crawled all the way to Tsunade's side, as if I am an honest person, don't hit me again.

With a cold snort, even if he didn't dare to run, Tsunade raised her feet and continued her journey.

First, he went to the border of the ninja continent. In the wild mountains, through the wide-area detection of chakra, he noticed something strange.

Tsunade looked at the gathering place of destroyed creatures in front of her.

This is Mount Myoki.

There was no sign of life among the ruins on the ground, and the smell of Meiji's burnt chakra lingered in the air.

"No one is spared."

Tsunade turned around and left, climbed over the mountains, arrived at the seaside, and continued deeper into the sea.

Konoha has a maritime development plan and plans to sail far and land on another continent with human presence.

These tasks were all presided over by Tsunade.

In addition, Mei Ji's insect swarm has the same plan, but it is heading to the bottom of the sea.

The current shallow sea along the coast of Konoha, from Whirlpool City to the Water Province Islands, to the coast of Thunder Province, and from the mouth of Kawa Province to the Wind Province, are all the insect swarms that Mihime went to the sea.

It was only in this direction that there seemed to be no trace of Mei Ji.

Tsunade was here to confirm.

Walking on the sea, leaving a bunch of little Tsunade to guard Black Zetsu, Tsunade walked along the continental shelf, holding her breath and sinking to the bottom of the sea.

The sea here is very barren, and there are only very few traces of living things.

What's even more spectacular is that the seabed is densely packed with impact craters like those on the moon's surface.

This is a trace formed by some kind of war. Although it has become slightly natural due to the erosion of time, traces of various terrifying ninjutsu tearing the surface apart can still be seen.

The continent was sunk.

Tsunade could imagine the scene of a doomsday disaster.

Stopping, Tsunade looked at the corner of ruins buried under the sea in front of her.

As my own base, it is quite enough. The territory is very large.

The Slug Immortal can make his home here.

But first, you have to adapt to the seawater environment.

The slugs that Tsunade scattered in the ninja world will finally gather here.

Tsunade left, walked out of the desert, and entered Konoha's territory again.

There is no way, only here can control Tsunade's satiety.

While eating and drinking, he kept sprinkling slug seeds everywhere he went. However, this time he didn't hold on for dear life. He spent more time studying and researching. He followed the Uchiha mask with Black Zetsu.


Under the huge flower bag, Mei Ji stared at the sea of ​​clouds in the distance.

There are bugs in the garden, also known as an infestation.

It's quite funny.

"I have a great appetite..."