MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha - C.873 Soldier versus SoldierSep 13, 2023

MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.873 Soldier versus SoldierSep 13, 2023

Soldiers fight against soldiers, against generals, and each has its own leader to use magic tricks.

Without any unnecessary nonsense, Kakashi and Obito fiercely attacked the Sandaime without saying a word. A set of attacks made the Sandaime somewhat confused.

The tacit understanding between the two of them played a role of one plus one being greater than two.

However, the third generation himself is not a vegetarian. His young body has caused his body functions to reach their peak. The battle becomes more and more anxious, and his body gradually becomes stained.

On the other side, the former Kages of the Four Kingdoms were running together, and a dozen or so people were killing the main body of the Nydus Worms. There was no enemy along the way, and they successfully reached their feet and stopped.

"are you sure?"

Everyone looked at the second generation Tsuchikage Mu.

"I'm sure, even though I've only seen it once, that thing is very important to Chongji." Wu said: "No matter what it is, as long as it is stopped, it will be right."

He was one of the people whose memory was forcibly modified by Miki before, and now he has regained his memory thanks to Tsunade's healing.

"Chakra gathers here and flows to the apex. If there is no accident, this is a very important place for Insect Princess. As long as the core here is destroyed, Insect Princess's combat power can be greatly weakened and the Yondaime can win Certain advantages.”

All the Kages could sense this flow of chakra, and they all nodded in agreement upon hearing this, and turned to look at the man standing on the tree blocking the way.

He had long golden hair, his face was covered with bloodstains from the killings, and his cold eyes full of murderous intent stared at the figures silently.

The shadows did not recognize him.

"I thought it would be White Fang."

Erdai Shui said contemptuously.

"But he doesn't look like an unknown person. He knows the immortal mode."

The grumpy Sandaime Lei shouted loudly: "Boy, if you don't want to be our enemy, just get out of here!"

The third generation of Lei responded with a kunai that flashed with lightning. He raised his hand and flew. The figure disappeared in the moment of the flash of lightning. When he reappeared, the sharply rotating ball of the basketball hit the third generation of Lei's head.

For a moment, all the figures were unable to react in time, standing like dumbfounded chickens, and caught the fleeting figure from the corner of their eyes.

Immortal Technique. Dayu Spiral Flash Super Wheel Dance Roar 2 Styles

In the blink of an eye, the tall and powerful Sandaimei was blown away by the bombardment of the Rasengan.

"Bastard!" Only then did his son, Yondaime Lei, react. As he roared, lightning's Thunder Chakra spread all over his body.

“Flying Thunder God!

! "One shadow shouted a warning, and all the shadows quickly dispersed and fought back at the same time.

Minato's figure disappeared in an instant and returned to the original place, crouching on the tree wall, quietly looking at the crowd from a high position, filled with murderous intent.

"No wonder you dare to stand in front of us." Wu Huazhai said, floating up, and Onomu flew along with him, his eyes full of vigilance.

This is a powerful show, and the people don't dare to look down upon it.

At this time, Sandaime Lei jumped out of the ruins, landed with lightning flashing, and said fiercely: "Are you the fastest in the ninja world? Let's see who is the fastest!"

"It's up to us, father and son, to deal with this kid!"

Signaling others to leave.

Hearing this, Minato's eyes narrowed. It was unrealistic to stop everyone. It was difficult for two fists to defeat four hands.

"To be on the safe side," Erdai Feng said, "I will stay with my disciple to assist."

The Third Kazekage heard this and nodded to the Raikage and his son.

The other shadows heard this and said, "That's just right."

Erdai Shui glanced at Erdai Tu with a look of displeasure, nodded reluctantly, and said: "Girl Yan, let's go."

The third generation of water was very weak in combat. Seeing that the second generation had no intention of taking him, he stayed silently.

The fourth generation Shui glared at the crooked second generation fiercely and acquiesced to the distribution plan.

Without trying to stop the others, Minato looked at the five Kages left behind.

"Hmph, immortal mode." Third Generation Lei stepped out from the crowd, clapped his hands together and said, "Boy, let me show you something interesting."

The next moment, the thunder and lightning on his body gradually turned into darkness.

This is a change in the nature of Thunder Release Chakra, which belongs to a more advanced stage. It was still in an unfinished state when fighting the third generation of Fire Death many years ago.

However, after the resurrection of the second-generation thunder, although the second-generation thunder itself was not strong in combat power, it was successfully developed with the help of the original developer of the thunder escape chakra mode.

But this is not the end.

"Immortal method. Lan Dun Chakra mode. Black spot difference."

Two ferocious black panthers in the shape of humans stood in front of Minato, staring eagerly.

With the popularization of education, senjutsu is not something that is difficult to access, and many Konoha ninjas are qualified to practice it.

But most of them require some special help and are completed in a fool-proof simple version of the immortal mode.

Many people are aware of this problem, but they really can't resist the temptation of being quick and easy.

On the contrary, people like Raikage are accustomed to polishing their skills step by step, following a complete set of optimized training steps, and with the help of the insect swarm, they have completely mastered this power.

Minato knew he was powerful, but he knew better that when his strength reached this level, it was just a shock wave with a different color. It was threatening, but not big.

In a blink of an eye, he looked at the two generations of Kazekage who had silently completed the Sage Mode.

It should be said that he is worthy of being a shadow. Who is not a person with outstanding talents? It is not surprising to complete the sage mode. It should be said that his teacher is amazing. Even the dangerous forbidden skills such as sage mode can be improved to the point where they are ruined. Popularity, it is normal for the ninja on the head to complete the training in sage mode.

However, it's a bit dangerous.

Minato tightened his grip on the Flying Thunder God Kunai in his hand.

Looking at the third generation of water who has not completed the immortal mode.

This guy looks a little watery.

Looking at Minato's eyes, Sandaime's heart was beating fast.

The battle is about to break out.

Ascending from the first platform to the second platform, fighting continued in the city. From time to time, ninjas screamed and fell, and ninjutsu and psychic beasts were wreaking havoc everywhere in the city.

The shadows moved forward, but soon they had to stop again.

They all knew everyone who came this time.

Konoha's number one sudden ninja, Konoha White Fang.

Although I have never played against him, I have heard about his reputation for a long time.

The expressions on the second and third generation soils were ugly, not because of White Fang, but because of the woman floating in the air next to White Fang.

The fourth generation of earth, the evil woman who betrayed and betrayed the entire Iwagakure, the loyal lackey of the insect princess, Shenhe Wangui.

In the confrontation between the two sides, there was no unnecessary nonsense.

White Fang silently drew out his ninja sword and squatted down, white lightning flashing on his body.

The Thunder Chakra Sage Mode, which is also a change in the nature of Thunder Release, is as dark and dark as a sword, like a white wolf glaring evilly.

"Leave Tsuchikage to me." When Wangui said, he put his hands together, and a white light lit up between his palms.

White Fang nodded, crouching like a white thunder wolf.

The eyelids of the two earth shadows twitched wildly, and the same white light lit up in their hands.

Dust Escape

Techniques of this level were confiscated by Konoha as trophies after the defeat of Iwagakure, and were subsequently made public for learning, but those who could be learned had not yet been heard of.

The two water figures looked at White Fang with solemn expressions, standing on the steep tree wall, and waved at the same time.

Two short and fat water bodies stood on the left and right on the side of the body.

Immortal method. Steam danger and explode power

Terumi Homura was taught senjutsu by Madara.

The second-generation water ghost, Lantern Huayue, taught himself after his resurrection.

I didn't want to learn it at first, but my nemesis Nidaime Mu was already learning it and was still developing new techniques. He worked for Konoha and benefited his own people at the same time, so he had to get involved.

"This is really..."

The second generation water raised his hand and pointed it at White Fang like a gun.

White Fang's restless figure became lower and lower, like a vicious wolf waiting for an opportunity to devour someone.

Atop, Zhili looked down on the fighting that was breaking out below.

There were footsteps behind them. The Senju brothers and the Uchiha brothers climbed to the top. After turning their heads to look at the huge flower bag, they looked at Jiri who was sitting with his back on the edge of the platform.

"It's too late to surrender now, Uchiha Jiri." Hashirama said in a deep voice.

"You have no chance of winning." His younger brother Tobirama said.

Madara and Izuna snorted coldly and arrogantly at the same time.


A joking female voice chuckled.

Zhili stood up and turned to look at the four people behind him.

Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama, Uchiha Madara, and Uchiha Izuna.

In his eyes, the black clovers spun rapidly and gradually connected into one piece. Then, the color of the sky and the earth changed, and the barrier expanded rapidly.