MTL - Beast Taming: I Can Bestow Attributes

C.235 Angler? The big guy who catches "fish"!Jul 29, 2023

Chapter 235 Fisherman? The big guy who catches "fish"!

"It is indeed a windfall!"

Chiya nodded.

He has dark skin, light blue curly hair like seaweed, a mustache above his mouth, and a black one-eyed eye patch on his left eye, full of gangsters.

In fact, he is not blind, and the reason for wearing the blindfold is just to pay tribute to his idol, One Piece.

Of course, at the same time, it can also give the younger brothers below a very ferocious "big brother" feeling.

"The cauldron, the spirit of the young island, is old enough to make money."

Da Jinya laughed.

In order not to disturb the fish schools on the bottom of the sea, Xinghai restrained his breath and used the shrinking method. The current size is only more than ten meters long.

Most of the island spirits of this size are in their infancy, and their strength will not exceed the low-level command.

In Da Jinya's view, this is a piece of "fat meat" delivered to his door!

"But this kid dared to charge straight over when he saw our boat. Could it be some big guy who came fishing?"

Chi Ya took a look through the binoculars, and after spotting Chen Mo on the Spirit of the Island, he looked a little hesitant.

Being able to survive several naval sieges, his caution accounted for a large part of the reason.

"Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!"

Seeing Chiya's hesitation, the first mate "Da Jinya" said decisively:

"Cauldron, how can there be so many big fishers! He was fishing when we first found this kid, and he probably hasn't found us yet."

"I signed a contract with the Spirit of the Lone Island at a young age. Could this kid be the heir of a high-level power? If we kill him, will we be hunted down?"

On the left of Chiya, a strong and strong man spoke.

This is the second officer of the Red Fang pirate ship, nicknamed "Devil Shark".

"Old shark, don't be cowardly! As long as you kill him, who knows that we did it! It can be pushed to the sea beasts in the sea! And we forgot, we have already kidnapped the son of a Cancer Island elder, and there is another one It's no big deal. Don't worry about debts!"

Da Jinya continued to encourage.

Anyway, they have already been wanted by the major powers of Penglai Island, and kidnapping a high-level child of a big power will only increase their bounty a little bit more.

"Brother, don't miss this opportunity, never miss it again!"

"Devil Shark" was persuaded by Da Jinya and began to chime in.

"Grass! Dry!"

Chi Ya nodded, he also thought it would not be such a coincidence.

The boy on Spirit of the Lonely Island is more like a second-generation royal.

"Surround it!"

Chiya gave instructions to the crew on the Chiya.


"Come on!"

On the pirate ship, all the pirates in uniform gave a strange laugh, and then jumped into the sea one after another.

While falling, they summoned their spirit beasts.

Their spirit beasts are all similar to seahorses, but much larger in size.

This spirit beast has dark blue skin, a long mouth that resembles a straw, and a bat-like wing membrane.

Sea Dragon Beast, a water-type spirit beast with extremely weak dragon blood, moves extremely fast on the water surface, and is often used as a pirate as a vanguard, playing a role similar to a motorboat.



Accompanied by the endless shouts of killing, more than a dozen sea dragon beasts turned into white waves on the sea surface, and soon surrounded the spirit of the lonely island.

Immediately, a large sailing warship more than 30 meters long slowly sailed in front of the Spirit of the Island. The mast of this sailing warship was soaring, and there was a blood-red snake head pattern in the center of the pitch-black sail.

"Boy, take the initiative to cancel the contract with the spirit of the island and your other spirit beasts, and then hand over all the things on your body, we can let you live."

The big gold tooth stood next to the red tooth, and said.

"Don't worry, our Red Fang Pirates are famous for their credibility, they only steal money and don't kill people."

Spirit of the Lone Island is not easy to tame. Killing its original owner in front of it may cause unknown consequences.

Only the living island spirit has value!

"Are you sure you want to rob me?"

Looking at the pirates around, Chen Mo asked calmly.

"md, it's already this time, and you still want to bluff us!?"

Da Jinya's face is showing a fierce light. On his left is a Breaking Mantis King with a sharp sickle, the evolution form of Spray Mantis. On the right is Thorn Seadramon, which is the evolved form of Seadramon.

are all spirit beasts of the commanding rank.


Seeing this, Chen Mo didn't say anything more, but sent an offensive order to Tuantuan through telepathic communication.


Tuantuan couldn't wait. First, he split it into two with the spirit food splitting technique, then opened his mouth to spray out the glutinous rice machine gun, and at the same time rotated 360 degrees in the air.

Countless black glutinous rice bullets shot towards the pirates surrounding the island spirit and the sea dragon beasts under them like a torrent.

The sea dragon beasts used water guns one after another, trying to shoot down the Nuomi bullets, but the speed of the Nuomi bullets was too fast, and what was even more unbelievable was that they would turn spiritually in mid-air, and the water guns couldn't hit them at all.

Puff puff puff!

One by one glutinous rice bullets were shot into the mouths of the pirates and their spirit beasts.

The next second, an indescribable extreme spicy taste mixed with an extreme stench bloomed in their mouths.

Dark cuisine + abnormal spicy!

The pirate who took the glutinous rice bullet now feels like a person who is afraid of bugs, with thousands of bugs wriggling on his body, excruciating pain.

Fire spouted from their mouths, and their mouths and organs were severely burned. A dozen sea dragon beasts also foamed at the mouth, and their spirits were severely injured.

In an instant, about 70% of the pirates lost their fighting ability.

"Courage is commendable, but courage is often the most worthless thing."

After seeing Chen Mo's action, Chi Ya was not polite, and issued an attack command to his other crew members.

"Do it!"


Da Jinya and Dajiba jumped off the deck of the Chiya, then sat firmly on their spirit beasts, and then charged towards the spirit of the island.

Xinghai was not polite to them, and fired a cannon directly at General Crab on Chiya's second officer.

The powerful impact directly blasted it back continuously.

The spirit of Xuehai focused on the big golden tooth, and saw its ice-blue wings gently flapping, and the white spirit patterns on the feathers burst into dazzling light, illuminating the night sky of the whirlpool sea as bright as day.

The next second, the ice-type spiritual power condensed into a torrent of frost and swept away towards Da Jinya and his two spirit beasts!

Absolute zero degree of ultra-level moves.

Feeling the extreme cold in the torrent of frost, the thorny seahorse wing membrane of the big gold tooth danced quickly, bursting out at its limit speed, but it was still a second slower.

The moment the torrent of frost blew past, Da Jinya and his two spirit beasts turned into lifelike ice sculptures.

Frozen at the same time, there is also a sea area with a radius of more than ten meters from the big golden tooth.

(end of this chapter)