MTL - Go Legend - C.883 Lao Shi's Six Meridian SwordMar 06, 2023

MTL - Go Legend

C.883 Lao Shi's Six Meridian SwordMar 06, 2023

Chapter 883 Lao Shi's Six Meridian Sword

Listening to Lao Shi said that he actually found something else, of course, there is nothing to say.

Although it was already late at night, Li Xiangping still took out the chessboard and prepared to dismantle it with his own plug-in.

Well, under normal circumstances, at the level of Li Xiangping and Shi Daqisheng, especially the two have formed a high degree of tacit understanding, so the general dismantling does not require a chessboard, and oral communication can study most problems clearly.

But things are different today.

The game had been over for a few hours, and by this time Lao Shi said he had a new discovery.

So Li Xiangping is still very conscious, knowing today's problem, it can't be explained clearly in a few words, and must be presented honestly on the chessboard.

The study of the two of them took more than two hours.

From 11 o'clock in the evening, it was demolished until nearly 2 o'clock in the morning the next day.

After    and others came to a conclusion, Li Xiangping was silent in the face of the chessboard.

Lao Shi's discovery is very valuable. After researching clearly, Li Xiangping even thought:

If Lao Shi can discover this change during the game and put it into practice in actual combat, then the victory or defeat today is likely to be reversed, and the person kneeling is likely to be Chen Xiaoqiang.

In actual combat, the reason why the two masters ignored this change is that sentence:

Modern Go is a dynamic Go!

Most of the static changes in Go are relatively simple and are not a problem for most professional players.

However, for some relatively hidden dynamic changes, even if the two masters of Li Xiangping and Lao Shi join forces, it is impossible to truly achieve the legendary "reckless strategy".

Take today's game of chess as an example. After more than two hours of research, Li Xiangping now knows:

The reason why this game of chess was defeated today can be considered to be a "strategic choice error"--

When faced with a crucial choice in the middle game, there are two paths in front of him, one is "entanglement attack", and the other is "direct dragon slaying".

It's a pity that in actual combat, since today was a 2-point move, whether it was me or Lao Shi, it was considered that these two changes were actually very reluctant, only the opponent should be correct, and the losing side was still me.

Then faced with such a choice, we can only consider the complexity of the problem.

is also thinking about the problem from the perspective of complexity, so in actual combat, I chose the way of "direct dragon slaying".

But now it seems that this choice is very problematic.

If at that time, he had chosen the "entanglement attack", and had chosen this change after the old Shi Shi—

It doesn't mean that he will definitely win, but if Xiaoqiang wants to win this game, he must have a personal explosion.

And it is a super burst of character. He showed at least the level and strength of a generation of dogs in today's game, so that it is possible to win this handicap stably.

In the daytime game, it is not surprising that Li Xiangping and Lao Shi both missed this extremely hidden "entanglement attack":

When the two faced key choices, they were only around 90 hands.

But Lao Shi has just discovered a hidden super strong hand, which appears around 130 in the world.

This is what   Dynamic Go means, the situation at 130 moves will of course be very different from that at 90 moves.

For example, in today's game of chess, when he wanted to "entangle attack" at 90 moves, Li Xiangping couldn't find the target at all.

But there are 40 more pieces on the board, among which there are 20 moves made by the opponent.

And these 20 pieces.

is the opponent's 20 pieces, of course, it is very likely to become a new target, a new target of "entanglement attack"!

So in actual combat, when you are thinking about a problem at the 90th hand, it is naturally easy to ignore a target that has not yet appeared at that time.

This is the horror of Dynamic Go!

The night was already deep. After thorough research, Li Xiangping packed up the Go set and lay down on the bed again, but today's research touched him so much that he couldn't fall asleep after tossing and turning.

"Hey, little friend Xiangping, why don't you sleep? What are you thinking about?"

"Hey, Brother Ding'an, I'm thinking of you, hehe, Brother Ding'an is still amazing."

"Hehe, why is little friend Xiangping so stingy? I just have an idea from time to time, as the so-called good hand puppets are obtained, and this kind of good hand puppets, don't forget, little friend Xiangping, you have more times than me. Now, over the years, I have found a good hand, and you are at least three times more than me, hehe, if this keeps you up at night, don't I have to sleep every day?"

Li Xiangping laughed:

"Brother Ding'an misunderstood, I'm not being stingy, and I'm not jealous that you found such a good hand. I was actually thinking just now, brother Ding'an, let me ask you: Do you think you found this good hand, can the dog find it? ? It's restored to the scene of today's actual combat. When the overall situation is 90, we replace it with dogs. Do you think they can find this method?"


Seeing that Lao Shi did not speak for a long time, Li Xiangping sighed:

"Brother Ding'an, you don't need to be embarrassed. If you're embarrassed to say it, then I'll tell you. For such extremely concealed super methods, the third generation of dogs with the highest level may not be able to say, but the level of the next generation of dogs is difficult to say. Or the second-generation dog, we have studied their chess records, and we are not sure that they will never find it, but at least in those hundreds of chess records, we really did not find similar means, do you think so or not?"


Li Xiangping continued:

"Actually, not to mention the first generation dog and the second generation dog, looking through the chess records of the third generation dog, there are very few similar methods. I have seen the two most similar methods, but they appeared in the two defeats of the second generation dog. Among them, sigh~ Brother Ding'an, I finally know now that you are hypocritical enough, and you have been fooling me for so many years."

"Ah?! What do you mean by this little friend Xiang Ping, why do I keep fooling you?"

Li Xiangping smiled slightly:

"Brother Ding'an, since you came to my side, you have been praising my chess talent, saying that my talent is one in a thousand, it is the existence of slaughtering your senior brother Fan Xiping, even if it is Senior Yuetian or your Wu Junior Quan, may be slightly worse than me, by the way, I remember you said many years ago that in the realm of human beings, no one has ever reached the realm of immersion, whether it is Huang Yuetian who transforms into a human being, or Huang Yuetian who transforms into a human being. Wu Qingyuan, who is well-versed in Xingweiqi and Xiaomuweiqi, they are staying in the realm of sitting and taking pictures.

Hearing Li Xiangping say this, Lao Shi hurriedly said:

"Look at what you said, why did I fool you? Xiaoyou Xiangping, you have also known my character over the years, you must believe that what I said is the truth, and your chess talent is indeed the best in my life. Only see, far more than..."

Li Xiangping interrupted the plug-in and continued:

"Yes, I can still trust Brother Ding'an's character, so over the years, not only you, but even myself have believed it. I feel that I, Li Xiangping, may be the son of heaven, who wants to represent mankind and That dog fights for a fight, and who is really taking me, alas~ wrong! I only know today that all of this is a big mistake."

"Huh?! What's wrong?"

Li Xiangping said in a serious tone:

"Brother Ding'an, you always told me that in the future, you and I will join hands to fight dogs. You always say that the key lies in me. What height can I achieve? What level can I play in the game? This is the key to winning, alas. , wrong, it seems completely wrong now."

Li Xiang paused and continued:

"Brother Ding'an, I only know today that the key to the future is not me, but you. Over the years, I have worked hard to study the theory of chess, and I believe that I may indeed be better than you in my understanding of dog Go, but even if I study To the extreme, in fact, it still does not exceed the scope of dogs. In other words, the upper limit I can reach is at most equal to them. Brother Ding'an, you must know that considering the unique gap between us humans and machines, even if we reach the same level as dogs. The same height is not enough to defeat them, so my role in the future is actually to try to maintain the balance of the situation, try to maintain it as long as possible, and maintain it as long as possible until you can find a method like today, so that it is possible to win. , you say yes or no?"

Lao Shi finally stopped talking. He thought about it for a long time, and this time he said quietly:

"But little friend Xiangping, today's trick is just a flash of my inspiration..."

Li Xiangping laughed:

"Haha I know, Ding'an brother, what do you say? By the way, like I told you about the Six Meridian Divine Sword, when someone casts it, when it is used, it is not at all. Brother Ding'an, you are still in this situation. There are still more than 6 years left, so I thought that your next task is to specialize in this stunt, yes, specialize in the Six-pulse Divine Sword, the Six-pulse Divine Sword that can hit the vitals of dogs.”

Lao Shi smiled bitterly: "You must know, little friend Xiangping, chess is difficult, and 6 years is too short, so after 6 years, I may still be able to do it sometimes..."

Li Xiangping smiled and interrupted the plug-in and continued:

"Of course I know this. What I want is this time when it works and when it doesn't work. Okay, I'm really sleepy now. I'm sleeping. Well, this game is not bad. Over time, we will always gain the qualifications to compete with that dog."

Li Xiangping finally fell asleep in a daze, and with this experience today, he was more and more satisfied with such a special tenth, and cherished this training opportunity.

So far, this year's special tenth has completed six rounds. Li Xiangping temporarily leads by a score of 4 to 2, and after the game with Chen Xiaoqiang, the game at Lushan Station is also over, and he will move to the next division. Yandang Mountain, Zhejiang Province, where the 7th and 8th innings were played.

Although the game was just over halfway through, even Li Xiangping did not expect that a pessimism had spread on the World United side.

From professional chess players to ordinary chess fans, from various media to outside public opinion, at this time no one is optimistic that the alliance side can win, and everyone is hotly discussing whether the world alliance side will be relegated again.

Such concerns are of course justified.

This year's chess share is "first two first", in which six games are handicap and four games are handicap two.

In the six games that have ended, 3 of them were handicap with 2 points, 3 of which were handicapped by Li Xiangping, and 3 games with 2 points were also snatched by him.

If you think about the problem on the side of the alliance, everyone's worries are in this place:

In the remaining four games, only the ninth game is a 2-piece game, and the other three games are handicap.

So for the World United, the embarrassment they are now facing is:

In the remaining 4 games, they must win at least 2 games to avoid being relegated by Li Xiangping.

In other words, it is not enough to win the 2 subgames. In the remaining 3 handicap games, the alliance team must grab at least one game in order to avoid being relegated by Li Xiangping.

At the next Yandang Mountain Station, exactly two games of chess are given first.

Therefore, this stop is very important for the alliance team. This is the "Battle of Tianwang Mountain".

After Li Xiangping arrived at the arena, he quickly knew the two opponents in this stop.

Gu Dali and Kong Erjie!

Seeing these two opponents, Li Xiangping laughed at that time.

In 2009, these two are truly at the peak of their careers.

It is no exaggeration to say that compared with the two of them, even the Korean big and small Lee have to avoid their edge this year.

The intentions of the    United side are of course obvious.

They are obviously looking forward to this pair of peerless arrogances in the Chinese chess world. The strongest player in today's chess world except Li Xiangping, can block Li Xiangping at Yandang Mountain Station.

Otherwise, the first two games in this station will fall again, and the World Alliance will be relegated again.

And with the previous experience, Li Xiangping is also fighting high--

Now, of course, he doesn't care about the outcome of this kind of competition, but the value of this kind of competition training.

It is necessary to demote the alliance team again!

Because only in this way, can this force out the maximum potential of myself and Lao Shi.

And only by pushing out the maximum potential, it is possible to fight with the dog.

After arriving at Yandang Mountain, Li Xiangping took a day off and walked into the arena again.

Well, Seventh Uncle has done what he said. This book has 2.7 million words. Of course, it will be finished this year. Let’s slowly resume the update today.

(end of this chapter)