MTL - Go Legend - C.893 First meeting with Ke ShaoxiaMar 06, 2023

MTL - Go Legend

C.893 First meeting with Ke ShaoxiaMar 06, 2023

Chapter 893 Meeting Ke Shaoxia

During the New Year's Day holiday, Li Xiangping came to the long-lost "Fangyuan Chess and Cards Room".

Well, although Li Xiangping has not been in the armor for many years, as a former club, he still has connections with the club.

Especially Comrade Ren Lao Cai, who provided a lot of help when Li Xiangping first debuted, which made Li Xiangping always grateful.

It's a pity that because of Cai Shanshan's relationship, Lao Comrade Cai wanted to die and let Li Xiangping be his son-in-law, but now it didn't work, and Cai Shanshan went abroad to study, so Li Xiangping has rarely come here for the past six months.

He came here today because he accepted the invitation of Comrade Lao Cai, saying that the club had undertaken the trials for the national youth training team, and that if Li Xiangping had time, he would go to the scene to see it.

Please note that the "National Junior Team" and "National Junior Training Team" are actually different.

If the "National Go Youth Team" is officially established, then the "National Youth Training Team" is equivalent to a big list.

There may be only 10 to 15 places in the official establishment, so the roster of the training team may have 30 to 40 people.

As for the trials for the training team, it is actually a paradise for low-level chess players.

First became a professional chess player through the national fixed stage competition. However, according to the national conditions of our country, there may not be chess players after the fixed stage.

The entire Weijia can only accommodate 60 to 80 chess players at most. Even if Wei B and Wei C are added, it can only accommodate about 150 professional chess players at most.

However, the quota for the fixed stage competition has remained around 20 to 25 people for many years.

Needless to say, just looking at the above data, we know that in our country, even if you successfully set the stage in the fixed stage competition, you are still not a professional chess player in the true sense.

Not only our country, but Japan and South Korea are also similar. The market capacity of the entire professional Go game is so large.

For a period of time, the quota for Korean Go is quite strict. Normally, there are 6 new early dans every year, and at least there are even two places.

Why so strict? Without him, the market is too small to accommodate so many professional chess players.

So in our country, if a person really wants to live by playing chess, the first step is to successfully determine the stage, and then the most common way is to participate in the selection of the "National Youth Training Team", looking forward to being selected for the 30 to 40 people. Big list.

However, this is not enough. In fact, if you enter the "National Junior Training Team", you still cannot guarantee that you will definitely have chess to play. Only through stricter selection and truly selected for the National Junior Team can you basically guarantee that there will be a club and you. contract.

And at this stage, you can't guarantee that it must be a team that is surrounded by A, it is very likely that a club that is besieging B and C will come to you.

The living environment is so bad, and the competition is so cruel, and today, Li Xiangping is here to participate in such an event. Comrade Lao Cai asked him to come, which actually means to let him slap his eyes--

Yishui's youth under the age of 15, everyone is about the same age and level, and the "chess style" has not yet been finalized. At this time, it is impossible to say whether it is good or bad.

As for the basic qualities and potentials of young chess players, as long as they can pass the fixed stage, which one is not the best in the local area?

Which is not praised since childhood? Is it considered a piece of chess material locally?

Therefore, at this stage, it is not so simple to want to be the "Bole" of the Go world.

Well, because Li Xiangping is a traveler, he is qualified to pretend to be a magician for at least the next ten years, so after receiving a call from Comrade Lao Cai, he rushed to the scene with great interest.

The whole club is as lively as a vegetable market.

Because there are too many people, plus a child with water, Li Xiangping tried his best to identify the famous chess players in later generations with his own memory.

"...Well, this old-fashioned man should be Ding Ye. Is he 12 or 13 this year? It seems that everyone believes that he is 18. This... should be a laugh? The guy is really handsome, no wonder he took a flight It can also attract flight attendants to become nympho, yo! Isn't this little brat Ke Jie Ke Shaoxia..."

actually saw Ke Shaoxia in the crowd, which made Li Xiangping interested at that time:

"Hehe Ding'an brother, are you interested in playing chess with that little brat? By the way, he is still your hometown, from Chuzhou, Zhejiang Province. You can guide him when you have time."

"Oh, so many chess boys, why are you interested in this person alone?"

Li Xiangping smiled slightly: "Forgot to tell you, just before you and I met in the painting boat, this person was the number one player in the Chinese chess world at that time, no, no, at that time, it would be impossible to say that he was the number one player in the world chess world. For the sake of it, in the second season of the man-machine war, it was this person who played on behalf of the human chess player."

"Oh? It's actually this person, huh, then it's really time for the next game, Xiaoyou Xiangping, please arrange it."

There are many rounds of trials like this. When Li Xiangping said that he wanted to play a guiding chess game with a young chess player between the games, of course no one would refuse.

Not only will no one refuse, but everyone is even quite curious. Ke Shaoxia's parents and coaches are even flattered. Today's Ke Jie is completely unremarkable.

He entered the dan in 2008 when he was 11 years old. He entered the dan at an early age, but his results were average. The result of the fixed dan competition that year was 9 wins and 4 losses.

Well, his result is the same as Li Xiangping's last fixed stage result in his previous life. Under normal circumstances, this result is difficult to determine.

However, in 2008, there were many people with 9 wins and 4 losses, and even many people had the same small score, so there was a special situation in that year:

than age.

Ke Shaoxia was the youngest in 9 wins and 4 losses, and entered the stage with the last result that year.

It's been almost a year and a half since he entered the stage, and Ke Shaoxia's results are still boring. Not only did he not make the first round, but he didn't seem to have even participated in the second round. He is still in the stage of suffering.

In real history, Ke Shaoxia seems to have to wait until 2011, with the help of another fellow of his, Ma Xiaofei, to have the opportunity to sign Weijia.

However, at that time, Ke Shaoxia was still a rookie. He played nearly 20 games, only won 6 games, and the winning rate was barely over 30%.

In 2012, Ke Shaoxia's Weijia record was 10 wins and 9 losses, and the winning rate was more than half.

In 2013, the winning rate for that year has reached 75%.

When time came to 2014, Ke Shaoxia ushered in his own explosion. With a record of 20 wins and 2 losses throughout the year, he was crowned the king of Weijia winning percentage. At the same time, he won the "Ahan Tongshan Cup" that year, which was regarded as an official entry into the house.

Immediately after that, he began to win chess in the world competition. By the time Li Xiangping passed through in 2018, he was already the multi-time champion of the world competition. At that time, he was ranked first in the country and was rated as the best chess player by Japanese and Korean chess players. The toughest Chinese chess player.

From a rookie to becoming a world-class chess master, it took Ke Shaoxia just 4 to 5 years.

There is no doubt that such a growth rate is indeed very terrifying.

So Li Xiangping wants to see now, what are the qualities of Ke Shaoxia's chess? Why can he improve so fast.

(end of this chapter)