MTL - Go Legend - C.894 What are the basic qualities of a winning teacherMar 06, 2023

MTL - Go Legend

C.894 What are the basic qualities of a winning teacherMar 06, 2023

Chapter 894 What are the basic qualities of a winning teacher

The current Ke Jie has just turned 12 years old. When he sat in front of Li Xiangping surrounded by the crowd, his expression was hurried and shy, and he did not have the publicity of later generations.

"Li... Mr. Li, how many do I have?"

Li Xiangping listened to the music and said in the most kind voice he thought:

"Well, since it's an inspection, it's better to be tight. You can put two."

Hearing that Li Xiangping only allowed this little-known kid to have only 2 of them, which made the onlookers even more curious, and did not understand what qualities of this child were valued by Li Xiangping.

You must know that in the eyes of the majority of chess boys, Li Xiangping's 2 Ziguan is a legend in front of those Chong Duan teenagers who are determined to take the road of professional Go!

Until now, Li Xiangping's account of "Exquisite Art Instructor" is still there.

Over the years, this account has instructed countless teenagers.

But after playing a lot of chess, Li Xiangping found a problem, that is, in the Go world of our country, the market capacity of professional Go is not very large, but in the field of Go training and teaching, the market capacity is quite considerable.

After everyone's living standards have improved, many parents send their children to learn chess. It is not necessarily that they want their children to take the path of professional Go, but they should cultivate a beneficial hobby and develop their children's thinking ahead of time.

This market is quite large, and there are quite a few professional chess players who can’t play the game, but they actually make a living by teaching chess.

Li Xiangping's "Superior Art Instructor" is free of charge.

Just because there is no charge, so you should pay more attention--

There should be no obvious tendency. First, it should not disrupt the market. Second, it should not make people suspect that "Li Xiangping is robbing people for jobs."

is aware of this problem, so when Li Xiangping plays chess online with the account of "Exquisite Art Guidance", he usually pays more attention:

will never comment on the quality of training institutions. It cannot be said that Nie Dojo is definitely better than Ma Dojo, nor will it compare the pros and cons of Ge Dojo and Shencheng Qingyi Research Association.

Secondly, even when Li Xiangping is playing chess, he is more cautious now. First, he is cautious in choosing, and second, he is cautious when evaluating the performance of young chess players.

It is precisely because of this kind of caution that over time, the reputation of "Superior Art Instructor" has become more and more popular. This is definitely a clear stream in the coaching chess world, a golden sign in the training world, and a maverick-like existence.

So far, if anyone wants to play a game of chess with "Fine Arts Instructor", it is absolutely necessary to make an appointment.

And this appointment is not about Li Xiangping himself.

The second is to make an appointment with other famous chess players, such as Lao Nie, such as Ma Xiao, or Lao Comrade Cai who has a good relationship with Li Xiangping.

Through these people and Li Xiangping saying hello, it is possible for Li Xiangping to guide a game or two.

Over the past few years, as Li Xiangping played more and more guiding chess, everyone has now reached a consensus:

Li Xiangping's 2 sub-passes are a hurdle!

The vast majority of young chess players can't actually pass Li Xiangping 2 Ziguan.

If he can win a set, even if he is lucky enough to win one set in the next 10 sets, he is basically a professional player. If he participates in the fixed stage, he can be regarded as a popular candidate.

If the next 10 sets can grab the next three or five sets, there is no doubt that this is definitely a big hit, and there is little suspense about the success of the set stage.

If facing Li Xiangping's 2 sub-passes, they can be evenly matched or even have a winning rate of more than half, then those bosses of the Weijia Club can pay attention. This person definitely has the strength to play Weijia, and it is time to prepare to grab people.

If facing Li Xiangping’s 2 Ziguan, he can still have a clear advantage, then this…

This is already a world-class chess player, and he already has the strength to win the flag in the world competition—

Just like those players who were selected for the World League in the special Juban.

In the past, although Li Xiangping played a lot of guiding chess, he basically seldom talked about it online, and others begged Li Xiangping to play.

But today, it was Li Xiangping who took the initiative to speak, and it was a face-to-face guidance, which of course made many people look at Ke Shaoxia differently.

I don't understand Li Xiangping's whim? Or do you really value the qualities of this child?

After    and so on, the old Shi Le asked Li Xiangping:

"Hehe, little friend Xiangping, how do you play this game today?"

Li Xiangping responded with a smile: "Well, since we have mainly examined our opponents, let's play a game of hygiene."

"Wei... Sanitary chess?"

Li Xiangping smiled and said: "The so-called health chess means that we don't set any strategies in advance, and don't even take the initiative to think about it. Everything is adaptable. The so-called soldiers will block the water and cover the soil. All moves will naturally follow the opponent's response. Watch what your opponent is thinking in the game."

Lao Shi nodded and said:

"Understood, the opponent is so old, his moves must be unskilled, so the specific moves are not the focus of the investigation, but the focus of the opponent's game state, as well as his strategies and ideas in the game, right?"

"Of course..."

After the game started, since Li Xiangping decided to adopt this strategy, the whole process seemed calm, at least on the surface, the process was monotonous and even a little dull.

One and a half hours later, the game was over. In the end, Li Xiangping won the game with 2 goals.

In the face of such a result, the little boy seemed a little sad, but he still had basic education. He politely thanked Li Xiangping, and then asked Li Xiangping to help him review.

Because of the large number of people and the limited time today, Li Xiangping didn't say much during the review.

The technical comments are over, and then I will talk about some scenes and clichés. This time, the first contact with Ke Shaoxia was a slightly dull first game.

However, although it is bland on the surface and technically seems boring, but the real connotation is really not as simple as it seems.

On the way home, Li Xiangping communicated with his plug-in:

"Hehe Ding'an brother, what do you think of your little fellow, how is his chess talent?"

Lao Shi sighed: "My way is not alone. There are people who have successors in chess. I am very relieved. I watch this child playing chess, and the desire to win is extremely strong. In particular, the ability to resist strikes is extremely strong, and it is the temperament of a first-class winner and loser, and the future is really promising."

Hearing Lao Shi's comment, Li Xiangping nodded in agreement.

The current Ke Shaoxia is only 12 years old, so there is not much to say in terms of technology, especially compared with the current Li Xiangping who is already old, there are a lot of ill-considerations, and there are still many shortcomings. This situation is considered normal. .

In today's game of chess, what impressed Li Xiangping the most was Ke Shaoxia's flexibility and desire to win.

When the overall situation was more than 60 hands, the little kid had conceived a grand battle plan.

It's just that this plan fell into Li Xiangping's eyes, but there was an obvious loophole. Ke Shaoxia should have missed a covert response from Li Xiangping.

But he soon discovered it himself.

Before Li Xiangping's picture was poor, he already found that he had missed the calculation, and Li Xiangping's step that he ignored was hidden and cold.

Faced with the situation at that time, the little kid still showed a relatively strong ability to adapt to the situation. He pulled back from the precipice in time and quickly found another way to maintain the situation.

What's more important is that even after such a blow, the little boy's desire to win is still undiminished. He relies on the huge advantage of letting 2 sons, while continuing to deal patiently with Li Xiangping, and then waits until the overall situation is more than 120 hands. With a careful eye, at that time, he did not forget to set up Li Xiangping, and designed a very complicated routine in an attempt to lure Li Xiangping into the bait.

In the face of the alliance between Li Xiangping and Lao Shi, the little kid's routine is naturally useless.

However, the basic quality he showed in the game, even Shi Daqisheng was impressed by him.

With Ke Shaoxia's current age, he lacks in technology, and he still has a lot of time to hone and improve, but he shows flexibility in the game; patience; ability to resist attacks; desire to win, etc. These are the Li Xiangping and Lao Shi value it.

Because of things like this, many are innate.

This is the temperament of a first-class winner and loser.

It is precisely because of these things that Li Xiangping took the initiative to inquire about Ke Shaoxia's online account before leaving, saying that he can provide guidance online whenever he has time in the future.

As for Ke Jie's account on the Internet, of course, many real chess fans know that the famous "lurking" was then dubbed "little spy" by many people.

Why do the chess players of their generation grow faster than their predecessors? Without it, Li Xiangping thinks it is the bonus of the network.

Li Xiangping is a "post-80s generation". When their generation of chess players were learning chess, although the Internet already existed, it was not popular at that time. In addition, the Internet speed was slow, and the connection was dropped frequently. The conditions for large-scale online practice are actually immature.

As for the "post-70s" such as Chang Hao and Luo Shenzhu, they were even less equipped when they were young, and some people were not even used to the Internet.

Only with the generation of Chen Xiaoqiang and Ke Shaoxia will the conditions for large-scale online practice become truly mature, and even become the mainstream of young chess players in later generations.

Ke Shaoxia has grown from a second-rate player to a world-class chess player in less than 5 years. Of course, "lurking" is a great contribution.

Li Xiangping personally believes that it is precisely because of the "lurking" crazy games on the Internet, a large number of actual battles, and tens of thousands of games in just a few years, which makes it possible for him to grow rapidly.

After the first encounter with Ke Shaoxia, the time is approaching the Spring Festival of 2010.

However, Li Xiangping felt a little uncomfortable for this year.

At first, Li Xiangping didn't understand what was going on, but after thinking about it, he suddenly realized.

In the past, Li Xiangping was definitely a busy man when the New Year was approaching. There would be countless honors coming to him, and he needed to attend N awards ceremonies and "annual grand ceremonies".

Especially some honors with official endorsement, such as "Top Ten in Sports", "National Outstanding Youth", etc. Since Li Xiangping won his first world championship, similar honors have never been flawed.

However, this year, until now, Li Xiangping is empty-handed and has no such honor.

Thinking of this, Li Xiangping let out a long sigh and said in his heart that "playing blind chess" killed people. It was because of that incident that made those official honors go away from him.

(end of this chapter)