MTL - Go Legend - C.936 no confidence only courageMar 06, 2023

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C.936 no confidence only courageMar 06, 2023

In the last 40 days, Li Xiangping started the final preparations before the dogfight.

And at this time, Li Xiangping didn't do anything else, he specialized in the 19 games lost by the three generations of dogs, hoping to capture the weaknesses that the dogs had overcome, and then formulate a more targeted game strategy.

He has played those chess records countless times, and now that he can walk the dog, he has gained more.

At the very least, with the help of Goose Factory's "New Art", the specific "defeat" of each game of chess for the three generations of dogs is relatively clear.

So by this time, Li Xiangping and Lao Shi had completely understood the 19 chess games, and they knew why the three generations of dogs lost, and where each game of chess was lost.

However, it is very regrettable that although Li Xiangping has fully understood the 19 games of chess, Li Xiangping found out that it seems that he still cannot formulate a more effective dog fighting strategy.

Because dogs are different from humans.

Human chess players have "chess style", personal preferences, and what they are good at and not good at. In this way, as long as they have one characteristic, they can formulate more targeted strategies.

However, the dogs did not have all of the above things, which made Li Xiangping feel that he had no idea what to do.

Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, it’s New Year’s Eve.

On this day, Yaya went to the "big pants" again. She still had to go to the Spring Festival Gala that night. As long as Li Xiangping, he still stayed in his own home in Haidian, and did the same research as Lao Shi in retreat.

In the afternoon, Li Xiangping has received several calls from the old man and Aunt Lin, asking him to return to Chaoyang's house for a reunion dinner in the evening.

"Hey~ Brother Ding'an, you said it was good, but there are only 7 days left in the first round of the dogfighting, but I am still at a loss, and I don't know what to do that day."

"Oh, this is not necessarily true. Although dogs are difficult to deal with, we have also gained something these days. At the very least, the weaknesses of dogs show a certain regularity, which should be something we can take advantage of."

"Ah?! Brother Ding'an, you can also sum up the regularity of the dog's weaknesses. Why don't I have that ability? Then let's hear it, what regularity have you found?"

Lao Shi laughed:

"Hehe, let's not talk about machines first, let's talk about our human Go first, Xiaoyou Xiangping, when you say that our human players lose a game, um, aside from those inexplicable low-level mistakes, you think it is usually For what reason did you lose?"

"This.... If you exclude the reason for playing the spoon, there are two most common ways for humans to lose chess. One is to play too much, and then reveal flaws and be caught by the opponent. Chess is inefficient and even loses..."

When Li Xiangping said this, he understood a little what he wanted to express:

"Haha, I understand what you mean, of course dogs can't play a spoon, and dogs don't have any delays, so the way dogs lose chess, just like the 19 games we've seen, are almost all because of playing chess. Too much will lead to losing chess, Ding'an brother, this is the rule you summed up, right?"

"What do you think? We had this feeling for a long time, thinking that the dog's chess is too domineering, so it may not have reached the ultimate level of chess. It was just because the dog's level was too high, so even if we had this feeling, it was not very good. Yes, but now it’s different, with the help of domestic machines, we can see the dog’s weakness very clearly, which of course will be of great benefit to the next contest.”

"Haha, you look full of confidence, well, it's good to have confidence, but Brother Ding'an, you are not using your spirit to win again right now."

"Yes and no."

Lao Shi paused and said with a smile: "People don't often say that nowadays, you still have to have a dream, and if it comes true, um, I take it seriously now, and this may be the most interesting thing I've heard since I returned to the world. A word of truth."

"Ha ha ha ha…"

Li Xiangping laughed when he heard it:

"Brother Ding'an, I don't know if you have ever heard the term secondary school boy?"

"Secondary boy? What do you mean?

"Second grader, I'm talking about you, brother Ding'an, oh well, it's getting late, I have to rush home to have a reunion dinner, brother Ding'an, today's New Year's Eve, I'll pay you a tribute in advance. In the early years, I wish you, a second-year middle-aged boy, your dream to come true, to be able to dignifiedly kill those three generations of dogs under the horse, alright brother Ding'an, let's go."

"Young friend Xiangping, let's go, but today, I won't come to disturb you."

"Ah! What do you mean...?"

Lao Shi said, "Young friend Xiangping, you also said that today's New Year's Eve, so wait, I'm going to meet Xiuqin."


"You're worried that my soul out-of-body will damage my true essence, right?"

Old Shi paused and continued: "Don't worry, little friend Xiangping, I know my situation, and I will not hide it from you, if I want to persist until I can go to Pinghu to play chess, I must get the help of Xiuqin now, all right. , the time I agreed with Xiuqin is coming, let's leave it."

Before Li Xiangping could react, he felt that Lao Shi's soul had really left his body.

"Hey, Brother Ding'an, how long will it take you to leave this time?"

"Six hours."

Lao Shi's voice came from afar:

"Xiangping little friend, I know that you have been working hard for the past few months, hurry up, it is best to have a fat baby with your Xiuqin girl as soon as possible, hurry up, hurry up."


After confirming that Lao Shi had really left, Li Xiangping slowly recovered, then he shook his head and went out to return to Chaoyang's house.

After the New Year's Eve dinner, before 9:30 p.m., Li Xiangping drove to "Big Pants", and at this time, Yaya's show had ended, and Li Xiangping's appearance was full of surprises.

But an hour later, when the two returned home, Yaya's surprise turned into a fright.

Think about it too, poor Li Xiangping had been a monk for several months before, so this change made Yaya not mentally prepared.

Well, for a whole night, Li Xiangping finally proved to his girlfriend that he was not sick, but the price he paid was back pain. By the second day, he didn't even know when Lao Shi came back.

Throughout the Spring Festival holiday, Li Xiangping did not continue to study chess records, but recharged his energy and waited for a big battle to come.

On the sixth day of the first lunar month, the Google team, Dr. Huang, and others arrived in Beijing. They stayed at the China Hotel in Chaoyang CBD. This place is also the venue for the first three games of Wufanqi.

For a time, the eyes of chess fans all over the world were focused on this place.

At nine o'clock in the morning on the second day, Li Xiangping drove to the arena and was surrounded by reporters when he got off the car:

"Li Xiangping, as a representative of human chess players, do you have the confidence to defeat the upgraded Ah Fayuan?"

It was officially a foreign reporter that Li Xiangping didn't know. Seeing him ask such a middle-2 question, Li Xiangping smiled slightly, and then replied with a very middle-2 question:

"No, I have no confidence at all, all I have now is the courage to fight the machine to the end."

After saying this, Li Xiangping slowly walked into the game room.

At 9:50 am, under the auspices of Lao Nie, Dr. Huang represented "A Fa Yuan" and had a guess with Li Xiangping.

BJ time at 10:00 am, also by Dr. Huang on behalf of the three generations of dogs in the upper right corner of the chessboard "Xiaomu" position, the first game of the first chess.

Dog starts with "Wrong Xiaomu Dafei Guarding the Corner".

Li Xiangping responds to all kinds of changes, and adopts the most commonly used "Er Lianxing" in his career for more than ten years.

Dog is really domineering when playing chess. When Li Xiangping's 6th move "a high-hanging small eye", black chess took the lead at that time, and he chose to hang the "star position" on the other side.

At this time, Li Xiangping paused for a while, because this kind of opening was quite common in the 400 rounds of dog fights.

And only in such a start, the dogs usually fight a "double flying swallow".

"...Shuangfeiyan, let's be double..."

Li Xiangping thought in this way, because of a kind of "qi harmony", facing the dog's hanging corner, Li Xiangping also took the lead, but in the "three, three" position under the "small eye" of black chess" Hold" a hand.

As expected by Li Xiangping, the dog really ignored "Third, Three", and came directly to "Shuangfeiyan".

And the first contact battle of this game starts from this "Shuangfeiyan"