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C.938 Humanoid dog Li XiangpingMar 06, 2023

At noon, Li Xiangping was chewing the cakes, thinking about how to continue the game today.

After the previous battle, the dog exchanged two weak pieces of White at the cost of sacrificing one of the corners. Fortunately, at this time, White won the first move, so how to avoid being attacked by the entanglement is now. top priority.

Go can only be played with one hand and one hand, so if you want to deal with two weak pieces at the same time, it is of course impossible. Which one should you deal with first? This is the choice Li Xiangping is facing now.

When making this choice, Li Xiangping naturally first turned his attention to the piece of chess developed by "Shuangfeiyan" in the upper left corner.

There is no other reason, because compared to the piece in the upper right corner, this piece of chess is obviously weaker. Not only has the eye position not been determined, but the escape route is not smooth.

As for the other piece just played, although that piece is still alive, it is closer to the lower right corner.

And there are two white pieces in the lower right corner, which are the previous "Xiaomuyiyihang" and "Torsansan". Therefore, Li Xiangping felt that since there were two chess pieces, it would be much easier to deal with.

It's just a pity that when Li Xiangping was thinking about how to deal with the piece of chess played by "Shuangfeiyan", he couldn't make a suitable point selection.

Because this piece of chess is "difficult to attack", it is also "difficult to defend".

In other words, even if Li Xiangping started at this time, he would not be able to do the work on the spot.

According to Li Xiangping's calculation, he believed that the dog would forcibly pierce his eyes in part, and then force the entire lonely chess to flee. As for the escape route, the next step can be mastered by Black. The dog can force the two solitary chess pieces to "pretend to meet", and then in the process, find the opportunity to entangle the attack.

"...It's hard to handle, where is the way to open up the situation..."

Just when Li Xiangping felt a little troubled, Lao Shi's voice suddenly remembered:

"Little friend Xiangping, I'm going to go somewhere next, what do you think of this plan?"


Li Xiangping was stunned at the time.

Because of what Lao Shi said, he clearly ignored the more dangerous "Shuangfeiyan" in the lower left corner and preemptively dealt with the piece he just played.

Li Xiangping didn't make a decision immediately, he stared at the selection point that Lao Shi Gang said, and then reconsidered.

First of all this is indeed a very tempting good point.

Because of this move, the piece that had just penetrated the fat corner of black not only moved smoothly, but also faintly echoed the two white stones in the lower right corner, and a prototype was formed in the center.

White chess shape prototype.

But then again, that point is tempting and tempting, but what about the "Shuangfeiyan" piece of chess in the lower left corner, if you continue to take the lead at this time, if you really bully the dog and won't kill the chess?

Following the idea of ​​plugging in, Li Xiangping continued to think deeply, and the two of them deserved to have formed a high degree of tacit understanding.

In less than five minutes, when Li Xiangping completely calculated the changes in that place, he immediately understood his intention to cheat.

When he fully understood Lao Shi's intentions, he couldn't help but applaud, and at the same time felt that his decision today was really correct--

Let Lao Shi lead this game of chess, which is really a very wise decision.

That's right, with the ability of dogs, of course they will kill chess, and according to Li Xiangping's own calculation, if it really follows Lao Shi's plan and continues to take the lead at the "Shuangfeiyan" in the lower left corner, that big dragon It's been really dangerous. That is no longer "nine deaths and one life", but a real "nine deaths and no life".

But none of this matters.

Because Li Xiangping has already calculated that the so-called hundred-footed worm is dead and not dead, that piece of chess still has a certain elasticity, and White can forcibly create a robbery to resist.

Well, although the robbery was a bit reluctant, if the dog really made up his mind to slay the dragon, because it was Black's "first robbery", so there was no robbery in the first move, and it was impossible for White to win that robbery. But it doesn't matter either!

When Black attacked that piece first, he had already spent one move at that time.

When White forcibly penetrated the fat corner, the dog added another move to the side, which is the second move.

Now, if White takes the lead and let Black come to kill, this is the third move. Considering the existence of the robbery, then black will always eliminate the robbery in the end, so after the dog has eliminated the robbery, the first move will definitely be in the hands of white.

This is the fourth move! The value of that piece of chess is indeed very large, and the simple calculation is between 35 and 40 eyes.

But black needs to spend 4 moves, even if it is 40 moves, the average value of each move is only 10—

Don't forget that the game is just starting, and there are less than 70 moves in the whole game. At such an early time, let the opponent spend 4 moves to eat and live 40 eyes, such a deal can be done.

At this moment, Li Xiangping even felt that if in the end it really came true, Lao Shi's plan would be perfectly executed.

In other words, if the dog is really in a hurry to slay the dragon, then White will have a huge advantage in one fell swoop.

And this game of chess is likely to become a famous game of discarding children in sequence.

But Li Xiangping also knew that an opponent like the dog was extraordinary. If it was a human chess player, no matter who it was, it was estimated that he could not resist the temptation to slaughter a 40-eyed dragon in less than 70 hands.

However, dogs are different, and temptation is useless in front of them, so Li Xiangping continued to think deeply, thinking from the perspective of dogs.

Once he finds out that he is still at a disadvantage after slaughtering the dragon, the dog will definitely not kill the killer, but will continue to create some clues on the chessboard, and let White win the robbery, and then use White to eliminate the robbery Fight for the opportunity to play two hands in a row, and use this method to maintain the balance of the situation.

After thinking of this, Li Xiangping took the hand suggested by Lao Shi on the chessboard, and communicated with his plug-in:

"Brother Ding'an, be careful, I estimate that after having this move, the dog will most likely not take chess, but will take advantage of this robbery opportunity to seek other benefits elsewhere on the chessboard. Well, the chessboard is still relatively empty now. Without the benefit of such a large value, it's time to watch out for the dog to create other clues to expand the board."

"Well, Ding'an saves it."

And in the following, the development of the chess game really did not exceed Li Xiangping's expectations. When Li Xiangping put the "Shuangfeiyan" piece of chess regardless, although the dog really did it in this place, but when Li Xiangping forced it The robbery, before the official robbery, the dog did not rush to do it immediately, but suddenly turned to other places on the chessboard to play chess. Li Xiangping, who is highly sober, of course knows that the intention of the dog's recent chess moves is actually to create robbery.

The purpose of making these robbery materials is not to win the robbery, but to be ready to give up the robbery at any time and go to other places to seek benefits that can match it.

Li Xiangping responded cautiously.

Because there is no way, although the dog's response was expected by Li Xiangping, it was the most fearful thing for White.

After all, no matter what, a robbery with such a huge value is always White's burden.

Of course you are not afraid of robbery immediately when there are more than 70 hands in the world.

But what about 80 lots? 100 lots? Or 120 hands?

As the number of hands increases and the number of pieces on the board increases, Black can always find the right time to open the robbery.

More importantly, it is the dog who is holding Black today. There is no such thing as "the timing of the robbery is not right" for them. If this continues, the burden on White will become heavier and heavier.

And this robbery is like a ticking time bomb, once the dog detonates, most of White will not be able to please him.

Therefore, the current situation is more interesting. From White's standpoint, Li Xiangping hopes that Black will open the robbery as soon as possible. The sooner the robbery is opened, the greater the profit.

From Black's point of view, of course, I hope that the game will start later. The more pieces on the board, the more black will be able to find a matching big robbery material, so that the dog is completely possible to rely on this robbery to fight in one fell swoop. It blew Li Xiangping up.

The chess game continued hard, and the game went from more than 70 moves to nearly 90 moves.

During this period of time, Li Xiangping groaned bitterly in the face of the dog's "patience", because he and Lao Shi knew very well that if he followed the dog's rhythm like this, he would probably not be able to ask for it in the end. it is good.

During this process, Li Xiangping of course also thought about taking the initiative to open the robbery himself, or taking the initiative to spend a move of chess to make up the dragon.

It’s just a pity that neither he nor Lao Shi found such an opportunity in the previous seven or eight rounds.

Because in the previous rounds, the dog's chess can only be described in one sentence: the move cannot be separated from the back of the head, which makes White chess unable to make up his own moves at all.

The time has come to 1:00 noon. At this time, the game has been going on for 3 hours. During these three hours, Li Xiangping spent more than 2 hours and 20 minutes, and the dog just spent a little more than half an hour. Li Xiangping knew that he couldn't continue like this. He had to find a way to break the deadlock as soon as possible, otherwise he would be led by the dog's nose. Others were not. Just the expected time panic was enough to drink a pot by himself. .

" to break this deadlock..."

It's finally okay, when Li Xiangping devotes his full attention to the chess game, at this time, he really came up with a solution:

"Brother Ding'an, say goodbye to the move the dog just made. Look at the pincer attack now. Is now the time?"


In the face of Li Xiangping's prompt, of course Lao Shi immediately began to calculate, and with the high degree of tacit understanding between the two, of course he immediately understood what Li Xiangping meant.

And after he figured it out, Lao Shi's rainbow fart arrived as promised:

"Haha Xiaoyou Xiangping is really good at chess, Ding'an admires it, I know that you never let me down at a critical time..."

Well, to this day, Li Xiangping has calmly accepted the **** of cheating, because he passed the check and knew that he had indeed found a way to break the deadlock in one fell swoop.

The "pinch attack" he said was still near the original "Shuangfeiyan".

As I said earlier, the attitude of "Shuangfeiyan" is that both sides are "hard to attack and suffer".

White's chess form has certain flaws, but black also has a breakpoint.

The "pinch attack" mentioned by Li Xiangping is the breakpoint for Black.

This method is the most common local attack method. Under normal circumstances, it is not difficult for Black to deal with it. However, due to the existence of the robbery on the other side, in today's situation, this method has another meaning.

This is a typical "attack it will save it", because now it is White who in turn investigates Black's faults, so Black seems to have to rob immediately.

If the robbery has not been opened yet, and when White is involved in this piece of chess, it may not be necessary to fight until the final ko, and the two sides will form a "running against each other" situation.

If it really is like that, Li Xiangping knows that he is very good without looking at him—

Because once the "pair run" is formed, the three-handed chess invested by the dog before is considered a white investment.

Well, although the dog is powerful, it is not strong enough to let Li Xiangping three-handed chess.

It is because of the above-mentioned reason, so when Li Xiangping's "attack it will save it" "pinch attack" comes out, this is to break the dog's intention, and it can no longer slowly toss Li Xiang in other places in the periphery. screen, but must come back immediately to rob White.

The next change is almost inevitable. After a few necessary "passes", the dog turned the gun and returned to the upper left corner to start a robbery with White.

This robbery is more interesting. When the dog officially starts the robbery, this happens to be the 99th move in the overall situation. It is no exaggeration to say that this robbery has already existed from the beginning of more than 30 moves in this game, and both sides have made a big fuss about this robbery.

More than 60 moves were made for the preparation work, but after the robbery really started, it only ended in two rounds.

Because this is Black's "first robbery", the first robbery material that Li Xiangping finds can only be "self robbery". Then when it was the dog's turn to find the robbery, Li Xiangping ignored the first robbery and immediately started to eliminate the robbery.

The value of the robbery that the dog was looking for is not too big, with about 20 backhands, but Li Xiangping knew that this first robbery could no longer be answered.

"The robbery should start with the smallest value".

This principle is known not only by professional chess players, but also by dogs. Therefore, if Li Xiangping responds to the robbery, the value of the robbery materials found by the dog will increase.

The total value of that robbery is close to 40 meshes, and the dog is only looking for a 20-mesh robbery material, which seems to be a bit of a disadvantage.

In fact, it is not always the case. Don't forget that before Li Xiangping "flanked" with that hand, he took the first hand elsewhere. In other words, he still owes a hand in that place, and that part gives the dog a chance to make two more hands.

More importantly, Li Xiangping has not solved the problem after the negative calamity, and he still needs to make up for it to make his dragon work completely.

In this way, after the 20 meshes completely fall into the dog's pocket, the next first move will still fall on the dog's hand.

Then the dog used this first move to investigate Li Xiangping's problem of taking off first, which also made a profit of about 20 meshes.

Therefore, using this method to calculate the general ledger, the two sides turned out to be evenly matched after the robbery, and there was no such thing as a big loss or a big advantage.

Of course, such a robbery cannot be "absolutely two points", so after such a large-scale battle, who will take advantage of it?

Whose situation prevails now?

It was almost 2 o'clock in the afternoon. When the game reached more than 120 hands, the dog also took all the advantages it deserved. Li Xiangping began to judge the situation nervously.

He has to be nervous, because at the moment when he is playing chess, his three-hour reserve time is about to run out, and he will soon enter the countdown, and the chessboard is still so empty, and there are still so many places that have not been finalized, so it is very important to accurately judge the situation. Needed.

Of course Li Xiangping didn't know. Just when he was judging the situation, the national players watching the game were stunned by Li Xiangping's performance today.

Because there are dogs now, in addition to Li Xiangping himself, bystanders such as "situation judgment" can ask dogs to do it for them.

Whether it is the judgment of the situation brought by the Google team or the judgment of the domestic "Jingyi", they all think that the current situation is comparable, but it is true that Li Xiangping's situation is slightly better. First look at the situation of the three generations of dogs, because this game is black, so starting from the first move, black's winning rate is about 47% to 48%. So far, it has been close to 130 hands. Dr. Huang and others noticed that the dog has never shown that his winning rate has never reached more than 50%!

Especially after the end of the robbery, Black's winning percentage dropped to only 41%.

As for the domestically produced "Jingyi" used by the national team, the winning percentage displayed is even more exaggerated.

Li Xiangping competed with the dog for the majority of the game. Not only did he not fall behind, but he also had the upper hand!

Everyone thinks that when the second-generation dog "msdter" was raging last year, most people fell into the disadvantaged position at around 60 hands, and it was obviously not enough at the beginning of 80 hands, and only a few persisted to about 100 hands.

In such a comparison, Li Xiangping's performance today is simply shocking.

"Tut tut,"

Not only that, Li Xiangping's performance today is also eye-opening. The predecessor Fan Xiping once said that the chess player, the so-called "the false and the true, the one after another, the back to the back."

As for the more than 100 chess moves in front, whether it is the dog or Li Xiangping himself, they have vividly interpreted this sentence on the chessboard.

In the face of such a meaningful game, how can this not make all the national players sigh with emotion.

"Tut tut,"

Gu Dali, who came to the game early this morning, said with emotion:

"Li Xiangping is really Li Xiangping. Looking at today's game, it's clearly like two dogs fighting, hey, if you want me to say, Li Xiangping is like a human-shaped dog. I have heard of it for a few months. There is a World Go AI competition, I think Xiang Ping can participate in it, and even if he participates in the dog competition, I think he is a strong contender for the championship."

Gu Dali said such words, and there was a judgment of "excellent art" in front of him, so for a time, everyone watching the battle agreed.

But at this time, a new change appeared on the chessboard.

And the first person to discover this change was Dr. Huang of Google.

Today's Dr. Huang has been watching the win rate monitoring in the background. At around 2 pm, Li Xiangping had entered the countdown at this time, when he had just made a move. This move is the 138th move in this game.

As soon as this move was played, Dr. Huang sat up straight. It's not because of anything else, because as soon as this move is played, the background shows that the dog's winning rate has reached more than 50%.

This game has reached over 50% for the first time!