MTL - Go Legend - C.948 Life is hanging by a threadMar 06, 2023

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C.948 Life is hanging by a threadMar 06, 2023

After about a quarter of an hour, Li Xiangping walked out of the lounge, ready to start the game again.

Many chess fans watching the live broadcast saw Li Xiangping's figure on TV.

His face seemed to be unusually pale, and his expression was unusually ugly, but his eyes were unusually firm.

Old Dean Hua came up again with concern:

"Xiangping, what did the doctor say? If it really doesn't work, then let's give up this game." Li Xiangping smiled hard at Hua Hua, but his tone was very firm:

"No, Mr. Hua, the doctor said I'm fine, it's just a small problem. I want to finish this game, and I have to finish it. You can let me go up now, it's already delayed me a lot of time."

"Really okay?"

Li Xiangping nodded. Just at this moment, the doctor who helped him diagnose came out. Dean Hua stopped asking him himself, but went to ask the doctor:

"...Well, I didn't see any problems from the inspection indicators. As for what happened to Xiang Ping just now, it is probably overexerting. Mr. Hua, you are also a chess player, and you know this kind of high-level and intense confrontation. , the consumption of chess players is still very large..."

This was delayed for a few more minutes. After obtaining the full consent of the doctor, Li Xiangping was able to sit back in his playing position.

After such a delay, Li Xiangping's retention time is almost the same. In less than 20 minutes, he needs to enter the countdown.

However, after sitting down again, Li Xiangping did not immediately enter the game, and what Lao Shi said just now flashed in his mind:

"...Little friend Xiangping, I'm really sorry, because I spent too much real energy just now, I can't fight with you today, the next game needs you to complete it alone, and not only today, if you still If there is a 5th game, I also need you to help me fight for one more day. Yes, if there is a 5th game, you can propose to the organizer to change the tiebreaker to the day after tomorrow, and then I can recover. Let’s fight the dog with two swords.”

Li Xiangping smiled bitterly at the time: "Brother Ding'an, if Xiu mentions the 5th game, you also know the strength of this dog. Do you think if I finish this game by myself, will there be a final game?"

"You can do it, if I'm alone, I can't do it, but if it's you, little friend Xiangping, I believe you can do it..."

After saying these two sentences, Lao Shi seemed to have consumed a lot of energy, his voice became dreamlike, and it took a while before he spoke again:

"Xiang... Xiaoyou Xiangping, I have always said that you are extremely talented, and your chess skills are the only ones I have ever seen in my life, even higher than my Xiping brother, I know that when I told you before, your heart was actually Don't believe me, I used to flatter you in the past, but I'll say it again seriously today, this is indeed what I say from the bottom of my heart, Xiang... Xiaoyou Xiangping, I'll tell you something today, you know it's the first time I see you When was it?"

"Ah! When?"

"The Qixi Festival in 2000 AD, in Jinling City... By the way, if you say it, it should be 2000 years in the previous life."

"Before... 2000 years ago, you met me at that time?"


At this time, Lao Shi seemed to be caught in some kind of memory, and his voice continued to be like a dream: "At that time, I was traveling with the girl Xiuqin in Jinling, but saw a large group of children playing chess, so we went to Watch."…

Old Shi paused: "I know now, that was the last time you participated in the fixed stage competition in your previous life, little friend Xiangping, you never knew, in fact, your chess skills surprised me at that time. At that time, I told Xiuqin that this piece's chess talent is really no trivial matter. Among the chess players I have seen in my life, perhaps only Senior Yuetian's talent can be compared with him. You may be inferior to him, but unfortunately, when I watched the whole game, you unexpectedly missed and failed to enter the stage, which made me feel a pity. At the same time, I remember that I was also attacked by the girl embroidering the qin. mockery."

When Lao Shi was talking, Li Xiangping listened quietly, and then Lao Shi continued:

"Then more than ten years later, when I learned the news of the dog's advent, I was extremely shocked. I felt that Go was the treasure of my Chinese civilization. How could this be conquered by the ingenious and obscene skills invented by Westerners..."

Hearing such a bizarre description, Li Xiangping was amused, but he couldn't help interrupting:

"Brother Ding'an, what kind of **** kinky skills, that's technology, high technology, you understand, and to be honest, the reason why our Chinese civilization is temporarily behind the Westerners is precisely because of the word **** kinky skills."

Oh, Lao Shi can correct his mistakes, he hastily changed his words and said:

"Yes, high-tech, high-tech. Later, after I saw the power of dogs, my inner feelings were indescribable. I was determined to find a chance to return to the world and compete with it once, but I knew that with my level at the time, I would definitely not be the opponent of dogs. , So at that time, I thought of you, and felt that if you and I could join forces, then with your talent and my experience, we might be able to compete with dogs, so I don’t want to repeat the next thing. , with the help of the girl Xiuqin, I forcibly reversed the time and space and returned to the year 2000..."

At this time, someone came over and handed Li Xiangping a few cakes and a cup of hot water, and he interrupted his memories and forced himself to return to the current game.

This game of chess has been played so far, and the overall situation has just passed 80 moves. After Li Xiangping re-examined the game, he felt that his current situation was not backward, but due to an unresolved robbery, today is that kind of super complicated situation.

More importantly, Li Xiangping took the time to take a look at his game time. It is not yet 2 pm, and he has already used 2 hours and 46 minutes, and there is less than a quarter of an hour to reserve time.

Li Xiangping couldn't help laughing bitterly in his heart, saying that Ding'an brother, Ding'an brother, thank you for looking up to me, and even today, you still don't forget to give me a few sips of chicken soup, but the three-generation dog "Afayuan" in front of you, Can this be solved by pouring chicken soup?

Li Xiangping forcibly removed all distracting thoughts and forced himself to devote himself to the current game. After all, no matter what he said, he couldn't give up this game of chess, not for Lao Shi, even for himself, thinking of his more than ten years of hard work, Li Xiangping couldn't give up.

No matter how dim the hope is, he can't give up.

Because the situation is super complicated and it is tense when it is used at the same time, in the next game, Li Xiangping will not be able to make a very accurate situation judgment at any time. …

Next, he can only see tricks and tricks, relying on his honed skills for more than ten years, relying on his sense of chess, and relying on his own will, to devote himself to the confrontation with the dog, so at this stage , he himself does not actually know the real-time situation on the chessboard.

However, although he didn't know it himself, now that he has "excellent art" and the situation judgment function that comes with three generations of dogs, bystanders are still relatively clear about the timely situation.

Before Lao Shi's accident, whether it was the three-generation dog "A Fa Yuan" or the domestically produced "Exquisite Art", they all believed that Li Xiangping, who was in the black, was in a good situation.

Especially the domestically produced "Exquisite Art", at that time it was believed that Black's winning rate had reached about 55%—

55% to 45%, in the eyes of the dog, once the winning percentage difference reaches 10 points, it can already be considered as an obvious advantage after all.

As for the third-generation dog "A Fayuan" himself, the difference in winning rate it shows is not that big, but it is still Li Xiangping's advantage, and he has a winning rate of more than 50% in this game.

This situation continued for a long time. At about 2:30 in the afternoon, when the game had passed 120 hands, the two dogs still believed that Li Xiangping had the advantage of black.

And from the point of view of the domestic "excellent arts", Li Xiangping's advantage has been expanded, and now it has reached 58% to 42%.

It's a pity that good times don't last long. When the time came to around 2:45, when Li Xiangping made a move on the chessboard, many spectators sighed--

The timely display of winning percentages with dogs is so exciting. As soon as Li Xiangping played this move, Black's winning percentage plummeted immediately. "Exquisite Art" thought the current situation was two points, but "A Fayuan" already considered it to be his own advantage.

But at this time, Li Xiangping, who was completely immersed in the chess game, did not know the reaction of the outside world.

The situation was similar to the first game. Li Xiangping's move was the 137th move in the overall game, which was the watershed. Then his winning percentage continued to decline, while the dog's winning percentage gradually recovered.

And Li Xiangping himself is fully aware that he has fallen behind, which is already about 150 hands.

In fact, at this time, since he had already entered the countdown, he had no time to make a very accurate judgment of the situation because he was busy calculating the means. However, when he saw the chess move that the dog had just made—

That is the unique "safe operation" of dogs in dominant situations.

In this way, Li Xiangping didn't need to judge the situation himself. As long as he saw the dog playing this kind of chess, he knew at that time that he was behind.

Li Xiangping felt despair in his heart.

He even closed his eyes in pain and said in his heart, Brother Ding'an, brother Ding'an, I'm sorry, it seems that there is no 5th game, but I want to tell you that I really did my best.

But by this time, although Li Xiangping was desperate, in the deepest part of his heart, he still did not give up.

After fully realizing that he had fallen behind, his eyes roamed the board again and again:

"…Is it really impossible for dogs to reverse, so what is the way to do this…."

Maybe it was Li Xiangping's persistence that touched the gods, no, maybe it was because of Lao Shi's insistence that he was blessed by God. When the time came to 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Li Xiangping's eyes were fixed on the upper right corner of the chessboard. put.

At this time, he suddenly thought of a chess shape.

A very rare and very special chess shape, how rare is it? It is rare to the thousands of years of development history of Go, and this chess shape seems to have never appeared in human actual combat.

But this chess shape is real, it once appeared in the human "arrangement", and it also gave it a very strange name.

This chess shape is called: "Don't mention 3 eyes"!

"Hey~~ Brother Ding'an, if God really blesses him, then I can only hope that the dog doesn't know this chess shape..." Li Xiangping thought about it while thinking about the final battle plan.