His current status in name is still the dark son sent by Daxia Longque, although the matter of "sneaking into Jigong's house at the price of betrayal of beauty" is very legitimate, but let's say it in advance, lest Daxialong Que really thought he was going to run away, and directly motivated "Tianquan" to prepare a big one for him.

Although "Tianquan" is not a problem for him, Zhao Yesui still needs to rely on the power of Daxia Longque, so he has no idea of ​​tearing his face with them.

Zhao Yesui recalled the information that Lin Tianwu had told him before departure, including information such as safe houses, strongholds, secret contact points, etc., as well as the secret code of the connection.

As we all know, the embassy is an open spy agency and intelligence agency, so it is also the most conspicuous place, and will be watched by various forces, large and small.

Therefore, a qualified intelligence agency will open up secret positions outside the embassy for use.

Zhao Yesui thought for a while, put in a coin, and pressed a certain number.

The phone was quickly connected, and it was the voice of someone Zhao Yesang knew.

"Is that Mr. Chen Yingxia? This is the Peace Hotel in Nanbo County, Xihezhou. What's the matter?"

Lin Tianwu's answer was watertight, and it was the long-established connection code.

Zhao Yesui also replied: "Well, I have something in the room I rented before. The room number should be 809. Can you help me take a look?"

Lin Tianwu smiled and said, "Of course, Mr. Chen."

Then, his voice became serious: "What happened? You contacted us from the beginning, do you need any help?"

"Ah no, it's just a report on the progress of the task." Zhao Yesui replied.

task progress?

Lin Tianwu felt that he had heard something wrong.

Isn't that right, SIR, you only arrived at the Imperial City in the afternoon, and you have already produced results?

Zhao Yesui didn't give up, and said directly: "I met Ji Gong Ling Yin."

Lin Tianwu suddenly became nervous: "Have you met Miss Ji Gong? Then did you tell her what you did in the imperial city this time?"

Of course, he knew the relationship between "Zhao Tu" and "Jigong Lingyin", and he should know better than the current Zhao Yesui.

"I didn't say it, but she should have guessed it. After all, the imperial city is now such a ghost, and I have a sensitive identity, so I don't look like a tourist..."

Zhao Yesui leaned on the public phone and said, "I didn't tell her about the Great Summer Dragon Sparrow. I just said that I would temporarily act as a swordsman hired by the Ji Gong family as Chen Yingxia. She agreed."

After listening to Zhao Yesui's mission report carefully, Lin Tianwu couldn't help but smile bitterly: "You didn't tell us anything beforehand, although we gave you absolute mission autonomy, we still have to talk about this kind of thing for the time being, let us Have a mental preparation..."

Zhao Yeshou shrugged and didn't answer.

He didn't know that this kind of thing could be pulled out by a simple meeting between players. He originally planned to go back to the hotel to contact the people of Daxia Longque when they met, but he jumped here all of a sudden.

Lin Tianwu is also quite a decisive person. After a loud voice came from the other end of the phone, Lin Tianwu said: "Since you have done this, then of course we respect your choice, Miss Ji Gong has a close relationship with you. , I'm sure I won't betray you."

"Furthermore, the Jigong family has a lofty position in Hezhou and has a very far-reaching influence. If you can use the power of the Jigong family, this mission will surely be much easier."

"However, according to the information returned by my colleagues on the front line, the supervision of the Dark Sword Puppet seems to be very strict, and no one is qualified to take charge of the Dark Sword Puppet. The entire management and use of the Sword Puppet is the responsibility of the emperor's cronies. There is no chance of penetration."

"Please also investigate the situation before taking action. If necessary, you can notify our colleagues and they will provide you with help."


Zhao Yeshou couldn't help recalling Yuu Asaka and raised his eyebrows.

Do you mean players?

What kind of confidant is that?

It's really scary to want to come to the game of destiny, to be able to arrange the players into a force that is as tight as an iron bucket, which was also the case in the earthly ranch scene, so that Zhao Yesui couldn't help but start to think about how the game of destiny did this. .

Is it a direct replacement, or is it some more advanced means?

After reporting to Daxia Longque that he was going to be the second or fifth son, Zhao Yeshou asked a few more things and hung up the communication.

This time, he was ordered to be the second or fifth boy, and he was very confident. He was able to mobilize the forces of both sides at the same time and obtain rewards from both sides, and he won the starting line from the beginning.

Putting the microphone back, Zhao Yesao pushed open the door of the phone booth, and the cold wind poured in, but it was not a problem for Zhao Yesao.

He glanced at the ragged ladies and sisters beside him, and felt that it was really not easy to do business these days.

However, of course, Zhao Yesui has no idea of ​​poverty alleviation, and in order to conform to Chen Yingxia's personality, he can't do the act of "Ande mansion and thousands of people in the world shelter the poor people all over the world", so he can only prepare without squinting leave.

At this moment, something seemed to have happened in the custom shop swaying with colorful rays of light, and an item in Zhao Yesao's inventory trembled.

Zhao Yesui stopped and looked at the inventory.

It's [Dazzling Demons].

And the reason why it was touched...

[Special effect five: Tianmo Dazzling follows the law of the balance of good and evil. Every time a good person in the world dies, an evil person will be killed. If it cannot meet its requirements in time, Tianmo Dazzling will continue to weaken, and it will self-destruct if it is too many times]

"Tsk, it's really the trigger for the fully automatic side quest..."

Zhao Yesui could only sigh lightly and gave up the idea of ​​taking a taxi back to the hotel. Instead, he turned to look at the young lady who had been inviting him while he was still in the phone booth, and walked over to her.

Poverty alleviation.

...................................................... ...................................................... ...................................................... ......

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Chapter 403 A Guide to the Evaluation of Customs in Another World

Customs are the behavioral patterns or norms that people in a specific social and cultural area have complied with.

As for custom shops, it refers to shops or types of businesses that are engaged in sexual custom related special business, as well as shops that are engaged in general custom business.

The former can be simply understood as the kind of store that certain groups like to see, while the latter is slightly different from the general imagination, just an ordinary entertainment place.

Of course, the line between the two is not that clear.

Anyway, you have to pay more.

Zhao Yesao calmly walked into the store in front of him, listening to the sweet greetings from the ragged ladies and sisters, the blurred lights and the hazy scent of aromatherapy, which together created an ambiguous atmosphere.

The young lady who led Zhao Yechao in was holding his hand, leaning against him, and asked in his ear, "What are the guests going to do? Do you want to try our Turkish bath first?"

In order not to make himself seem too abrupt, Zhao Ye snorted "en" while quietly examining the surrounding environment.

Since he educated [Tianmo Dazzling] and injected the fragments of divine power by Su Yanxi, [Tianmo Dazzling] has rejuvenated and is no longer as violent as before.

However, there are still a lot of things to do, but unlike before, there is no room for negotiation. Now Zhao Yesui can discuss with [Tianmo Dazzling].

The fifth special effect of [Dazzling Demons] is the only special effect that cannot be disputed.

According to Zhao Yesui's guess, this may be the core special effect of [Dazzling Demons], but after being "educated", its side effects are not unacceptable.

At the same time, when Zhao Yesui experimented with many special effects of [Dazzling Demons] one by one, he found that the special effects of [Dazzling Demons] after being indoctrinated were not as exaggerated as the descriptions seemed.

[Special effect five: Tianmo Dazzling follows the law of the balance of good and evil. Every time a good person in the world dies, an evil person will be killed. If it cannot meet its requirements in time, Tianmo Dazzling will continue to weaken, and it will self-destruct if it is too many times]

This "every good person in the world dies", Zhao Yejia thought at first that if a good person died in the whole world, he would have to cut down a bad person to make up for it. At that time, he thought it was a bit too outrageous. When to cut.

Later, he found out that he didn't know if it was an enlightening effect. This special effect seemed to be more like a daily task. Every time a lucky audience was randomly selected from him as a "dead good person" "It's very random. Zhao Yesui stayed in Qi Hengtian for two weeks without finding a pattern.

However, although the scope has been narrowed, correspondingly, Zhao Yesui has to find out the cause of his/her/it's death, and after all this is over, [Dazzling Demons] will also receive a corresponding improvement.

Therefore, Zhao Yesang dubbed it the "automatic side task trigger".

The other party seemed to see that Zhao Yesui was a young child, and while guiding Zhao Yesang the way, he said with a chuckle: "Is the guest from Xihezhou? Recently we often encounter guests from there... ..."

Zhao Ye raised his eyebrows and shrugged noncommittally.

As mentioned before, the Imperial City was the boundary between Xihe Continent and Donghe Continent, equivalent to a neutral zone, governed by the emperor of He Continent.

Due to the different national conditions and the fact that Hezhou still exists as a battlefield, both Xihezhou and Donghezhou are currently under military control, and custom shops have disappeared in Xihezhou. What the waiter said Not unreasonable either.

Zhao Yesui changed his clothes under the guidance of the waiter and came to a large bath. Then, while the waiter was going to change his clothes, he resolutely slipped away and took his clothes away by the way.

When the waiter walked into the bathtub wearing a bath towel, he looked at the empty bathtub and fell into confusion.

Is this for prostitution?

But you haven't prostituted yet?

Zhao Yesui didn't care what the confused waiter was thinking. In just a short period of time, he had already found the location of the "dead good man" through [Tianmo Dazzling].

This is something like a hatred mark, and the reason why Zhao Yesui left in a hurry is because he really has no idea of ​​something happening with people he never knew, and secondly because the "hatred mark" is in his induction. is moving rapidly.

No, do you also have necromancers in this valley? Can people still move when they are dead?

This is of course just a joke. Zhao Yesui's initial guess is that the murderer moved the body. If this is the case, then there is no time to leave the big sword.

Zhao Yesui opened the equipment bar, dragged the clothes onto the character again, and completed the quick change, while remotely responding to the moving marker.

"Guest? Guest?" A waiter called out to the unaccompanied customer in astonishment.

Zhao Yesui didn't care about them, he shuttled inside the custom shop, and encountered many men and women of all kinds along the way. He rushed to the back door in one breath, and when he opened the door, he was stunned.

Because he sensed the "hate mark" going down.

"Is this the corpse that has been disposed of and then rushed to the sewer..."

Zhao Yeshou frowned slightly, and the development of the situation slightly exceeded his expectations.

Of course, everything is still under control, but this means that Zhao Yesui needs to spend more than previously imagined to solve this "daily task".

He is now in a state of being hostile to the will of the world, blocked by heaven and earth, and unable to obtain energy supplies from the outside world, so now his energy can be said to be one less, so he has to save a little.

However, if this "daily task" is left alone, it will probably bring about more serious consequences.

So Zhao Yeshao let out a light breath, leaned against the wall, and two azure-blue Heavenly Swords slipped silently out of his cuffs.

Heavenly Sin Sword and Heavenly Prison Sword.

The Thirty-Six Swords of Tiangang really annoyed Zhao Yesao for a long time, and he had to build another set of energy circulation system, but the benefits they brought could not be covered by this drawback.

Because the Thirty-six Swords of the Heavenly Gang with the complete body means thirty-six magical powers, and each magical power means that Zhao Yesang will have one more choice in dealing with different events, even now, Zhao Yesang has already Mastering eleven magical powers is enough to deal with most situations.

The only problem is that the consumption of using the Tiangang Thirty-six Swords, if it is not recycled, is really unbearable, otherwise Zhao Yesui will directly use the Tianjian on the Penglai last time, there is no need to use puppets to save effort.

As for now, it is about [Dazzling Demons], so he can't help but hesitate.

[Heavenly Sin Sword: This Heavenly Sword integrates the skill "Geyuan Insight" and has most of the special effects of "Geyuan Insight". When using it, through the consumption of immortal power, it can see through the hole, see the ten directions, the sky and the ground, no obstacles, the inside and outside of the six harmony, the ghosts and gods, the size of the ghosts, the size of the ghosts, and the size of the ghosts. ]

Zhao Yesui closed his eyes slightly. The next moment, he felt that his consciousness seemed to be separated from his body, and he was overlooking the imperial city from the sky. With him at the center, the above-ground buildings of the imperial city and the complex underground drainage system came and went. Every passerby, the breeze blowing, the light surging, everything is reflected in his mind.

This is the effect of the supernatural power's "separation of insight".

Heaven and earth, without barriers.

With the rapid consumption of energy, Zhao Yesui "saw" the "person" who was walking through the sewers.

No, that should not be called a man, but... a swordsman!

The ferocious existence was walking through the sewers like a demon. It seemed that he was aware of Zhao Yeshou's spying.

There is no doubt that this is a swordsman, or a swordsman who has already put on a sword puppet.

As for why the mark would be on him...

Zhao Yesui had already guessed the answer faintly.

Without hesitation, Zhao Yesui used the skills attached to his newly acquired title.

[Devil's Enemy Death Kneller]

[Classification: Title/Exclusive]

[Grade: Extraordinary]

[Active special effects - for whom does the death knell ring: the player can ring the death knell once, lock on a specific enemy within a certain range, and give the enemy a mark, the enemy will be attached with random negative effects, and the player will have a special attack on the marked enemy]


In the dark, there seemed to be a distant bell, and as the bell rang, the swordsman was marked by Zhao Yeshou, and a certain negative effect was randomly added.

Zhao Yesui clearly saw through the Heavenly Sin Sword that he suddenly bent down, and at the same time disarmed the sword puppet on his face.

Is vomiting a negative effect...

Without thinking much, Zhao Yesui held the Tianpao sword again.

[Tian Prison Sword: This Tianjing sword integrates the skill "Shutdown of the Abyss", and has most of the special effects of "Shutdown of the Abyss". When the Heavenly Sword is used, it can use the immortal power to come and go freely in the deep water, unobstructed, and it can shrink the ley lines and exist for thousands of miles. ]

The next moment, his figure disappeared in the same place.