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Lin Yi looked at him quietly, didn't speak, just lay down consciously.

Let the flesh and blood wrap himself up again.

Then, just like last night, Zhao Yesui summoned the sword puppet again, covering it with scarlet flesh, and then the scarlet evil ghost in the starlight cloak jumped down from the rooftop.

The only difference is that he has an extra coffin on his back.

Well... how to say...

Although this coffin is not beneficial to his battle, and it will get in the way, but at least the fashion has improved, isn't it?

...................................................... ......................................

Imperial City, Nangu District.

This is a well-known business district in the imperial city and one of the districts with the most frequent foreign exchanges. Even if it is late at night, it is still crowded with people.

With the help of "Tianshu", Zhao Yesui quietly moved between the houses.

Unlike Lin Yi, he doesn't need to use a drainage system to cover up his tracks, because he has a way to make him invisible to ordinary people.

Whether it is undead spells or flesh and blood spells, there are many similar spells. Now Zhao Yesui uses the shadow spells extended from the undead spells, which can make himself blend into the shadows around him and not be noticed by others.

A very simple, but very practical spell, it is more than enough to cover the sight of ordinary people and monitor them.

Soon, Zhao Yesui arrived at the location that Lin Yi told him.

This is a high-rise tower apartment located in the Nangu District. It is expensive and beautifully decorated. According to the information of Daxia Longque, the special commissioner sent by Pei Changkong to the Imperial City lives in this building.

After looking at the 60-storey apartment, Zhao Ye snorted and came to the backlit position of the apartment, and then jumped gently on the outer wall.

You don't even need to borrow the protruding position. With Zhao Yesao's current six-dimensional, even if you don't need a sword puppet, he can easily move on a 90-degree vertical wall as if he were walking on the ground, not to mention that he is also armed with a sword. puppet.

As a veritable weapon of war, the sword puppet has many additional functions in order to adapt to the war, such as the current flying eaves and walls are only one of the trivial functions.

After just a few jumps, Zhao Yesui quietly came to the fifty-third floor.

This is already an astonishing height. If a person with acrophobia stood where Zhao Yesui was currently, he would probably faint from fright.

Because Zhao Yesui didn't have any obstructions or protection, he just raised his palms and climbed on the wall, letting the sword puppet's gauntlet attach to the wall.

"Hmm...5313, 5313..."

Zhao Yeshi thought for a while, but in the end, he did not directly break the window and disturb the lives of normal civilians, but released a few steam puppets and let them investigate the situation for him.

The puppet climbed in along the gap of the window sill, groped in the dark, came to the aisle, and quickly found the location of "room 5313" in the information.

While instructing the puppet to enter the room to investigate first, Zhao Yesui also moved to the outside of room 5313.

But at this moment, the [Tianmo Dazzling] around his waist let out a low cry.

This is the performance triggered by its own "daily evil removal task".

At the same time, Zhao Yesui sensed the death aura emanating from the room.

As a necromancer and an extraordinary person with a two-material negative energy system, Zhao Yesang is very sensitive to the breath of death and life. Even if he has not really seen it, Zhao Yesang has already expected what he will see.

"Death is already very weak, otherwise it would be impossible for me to come here to find out..."

Zhao Yejia faintly realized something.

The death qi will gradually dissipate over time, and Zhao Yesui could only realize after getting so close that the people in the room may have been dead for a long time.

Of course, there is also the possibility that the body has been moved, and Zhao Yesui prefers the latter.

to ask why...

"Please make sure the murderer takes the body away!"

Zhao Yesui suddenly became interested, and he felt that he finally had the opportunity to come up with a natural reasoning!

If there were dead bodies, it would be meaningless.

...................................................... ......................................

P.S. Conferred God is of course beneficial, but Xiao Zhao has not noticed it yet, because the superficial benefits really mean nothing to him==

Chapter 441 At 5:30 in the morning, the game of death is not gone

With the mentality of opening a blind box, Zhao Yesui instructed the mechanical spider puppet to open the window, and then quietly turned inside.

At the same time, the rest of the mechanical spider puppets were also searching in the room, and soon found the location of Death Qi.

"Tsk, there are actually corpses..."

Zhao Yesui sighed not knowing whether it was regret or happiness.

Should we be glad that Benguet reasoning is still in the **** heap of history, or should we regret that it has not had a chance to do sit-ups?

Forget it, death is dead anyway, let it rest in peace.

After confirming that there was no one else in the room, Zhao Yesui walked straight to the bathroom.

According to the mechanical spider puppet's investigation, the body was in the bathroom.

Before Zhao Yeshu opened the door, an indescribable smell of corruption came from the direction of the bathroom.

Zhao Yeshu squinted his eyes, pushed open the bathroom door, and saw a clean bathroom.

And a shower curtain that was pulled up, and most of the area was soaked in blood.

Silently turning on the shielding function of the sword puppet, Zhao Ye stepped forward and opened the shower curtain.

In sharp contrast to the clean half of the bathroom before, there was a viscous dim liquid on the floor behind the shower curtain, overflowing from the bathtub.

In the bathtub, the brownish-red liquid is turbid and dirty. There are dense insect repellents in the liquid. In the liquid, there is a corpse that looks like a giant. In comparison, the corpse seemed a bit too "big".

This is of course not because the corpse itself is so large, but because the putrefactive bacteria that have been parasitic in the human body during their living conditions have grown and multiplied wildly because they have lost the control of the human immune system.

These staggering numbers of putrefaction bacteria can produce a large amount of dirty green putrefaction gas, and these putrefaction gases fill the human body, so to people, the corpse looks like a giant.

"It's been dead for a while..."

Zhao Ye snorted, not being affected by this kind of thing at all, after all, this is also part of the knowledge contained in the "dead" potion.

In many cases, most necromancers are not qualified to choose their own corpses.

Therefore, handling a wide variety of corpses is a must-have skill.

If there's anything strange about this corpse, it's that he...

- No head.

There are neat incisions at the neck, where maggots thrive the most, and the corrupt part is faintly visible.

This headless corpse is lying in the bathtub, which is confusing.

"He actually cut off his head... Is he going to take it back for his life, or to beware of people like me? Not quite right, what age is it, and he still trades heads for rewards... "

Zhao Yesui took another step forward and began to examine the condition of the corpse, thinking without a trace: "It seems that no one in this world can extract memories from the brain, so why do you do this kind of superfluous behavior? …”

"If it is to prevent the identity of the deceased from being discovered, then the corpse should not be left here so simply. The level of technology in this world is similar to that of the present world. DNA identification is the most basic criminal investigation technology. If you want to recognize Who he is is not difficult."

The brain is the middle end of human beings and stores almost all the information. The general necromancer can only extract information from the brain and soul, which is already very difficult.

And because of the sword puppet, this world has long recognized the existence of the "soul". As long as there is a real sword puppet, it is not difficult to deal with the soul. Even if there is not, there are other means to achieve the purpose of destroying the soul.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that information is not leaked, you only need to deal with the brain and soul at the same time, and you are done.

But this means that in this world, there was or is now a "peer" of Zhao Yesao.

You can only remember the pain if you have been beaten. If you have never encountered similar things, you will not know that you need to deal with the corpse in this way.

However, Zhao Yesui has no memory of Zhao Tu, so there is no way to corroborate this news.

So, he could only put down the blood coffin upright, and said solemnly: "The turbid coat of arms is faintly revealed, and the unruly and arrogant talent; the tide, negation, paralysis, a moment, hindering the long sleep. The crawling iron princess, Clay dolls that are constantly self-mutilating, combine, bounce, and extend to the ground, and know their own powerlessness."

At the same time, the coffin of blood was gradually untied, and Lin Yi's figure emerged from it.

She just woke up and was about to slip subconsciously, and was supported by Zhao Yeshou.

"Be careful."

Lin Yi slowly opened her eyes, realizing that she was being supported by Zhao Yeshou, her expression froze slightly.

But before she could say anything more, she had already noticed the environment she was in at the moment.

The smell of the fermented corpse water is enough to leave a deep psychological shadow on anyone who has seen it for the first time.

However, Lin Yi woke up after only a little discernment of her current environment.

It seems that although Zhao Yesui occasionally brings personal emotions, but after all, he is the elite of Daxia Longque, and such scenes should not be uncommon.

She frowned and looked at the corpse in the bathtub whose face could no longer be identified, and said, "Liu Wanyu?"

"I don't know." Zhao Yesui replied, "But this is indeed Room 5313, which is the safe house where Liu Wanyu lives, the person sent by Pei Changkong, as you told me before."

"Although it sounds like nonsense, the one lying in the bathtub is either Liu Wanyu or his enemy."

Liu Wanyu, this is the name of the special commissioner.

According to Daxia Longque's information, Liu Wanyu should be a lieutenant colonel in the 3rd Combined Division of the Xihezhou Army, but he disappeared from the army seven years ago, and he doesn't know where to go.

Now suddenly appearing in the imperial city, Daxia Longque reasonably suspects that he should have been transferred to a special unit by Pei Changkong Zheng in the past seven years, and now he is assigned to perform a special task.

After all, besides Pei Changkong, who in the entire Xihe Continent has the power to make a lieutenant colonel disappear without a sound?

Even if Pei Changkong didn't send him here, a person who had been missing for seven years suddenly appeared, and it was worth sending people to investigate.

And now, the corpse lying in the bathtub is likely to be him, and Zhao Yesui smelled the conspiracy just standing here.

"No, it's unlikely, Lieutenant Colonel Liu Wanyu is an excellent swordsman, how could he die like this..."

Lin Yi thought for a while and then said, "...wrong?"


This is really a foolish way to die.

There were no other obvious wounds on the corpse, and judging from the blood on the shower curtain, he was most likely beheaded in this bathtub.

Except for the place where the bathroom was contaminated with corpse water, it was well preserved, and there was no trace of fighting at all.

According to the volume of corpse water in the bathtub, when he was killed, there should be more than half of the water in the bathtub, which proves that either he was headed by a sword while taking a bath, or he was being killed After being uniformed, he was brought here, stripped naked like a dead pig, thrown into the bathtub, and finally headed by a sword.

Zhao Yesui could even imagine that scene.

Either way, it's just too stupid.

It's not shameful to lose, and it's the most shameful thing to lose without fighting.

"By the way, what about the sword puppet?" Lin Yi said thoughtfully: "Even if it is a secret operation, he should carry the sword puppet, otherwise, it will be difficult to move..."

"If he is carrying a sword puppet from the Daxia army, all the swordsmiths have been specially specialized and will show the position at all times. Generally, people who know it will not take it away, but if the sword puppet disappears. If so, it means..."

"Ignore this for now."

Zhao Yesui looked at Lin Yi, who had been reasoning on his own, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Ben Ge's reasoning is dead, you chose it, idol!

"I didn't come out with you to let you rob me of my job... ahem, not to ask you such a thing."

"Well?" Lin Yi turned his eyes to Zhao Yeshou and said doubtfully, "Then what are you doing?"

"I want to ask you something." Zhao Yeshou said seriously: "Miss Lin Yi, have you, or Daxia Longque, heard that someone can manipulate a corpse to extract information from the brain?"

"..." After thinking for a while, Lin Yi shook his head, then looked at Zhao Yeshou and said, "Would you know?"

No, I asked you the question, why did you ask me instead?

Zhao Yeshou was stopped.

How do I know if "I" will?

If I knew, should I ask you?

"...Probably not." After a while, Zhao Yesui said: "I don't think I would do such a thing."

"Well, there are no related matters in the record." Lin Yi nodded slightly and said calmly, "Then, if you don't know it, then it's impossible for anyone to know it."

It took a while for Zhao Yesui to understand what Lin Yi meant.

Is Zhao Tu, the co-author, the pot king in this world in your mind?