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The industrious emperor, His Majesty, left the Imperial Prime Minister in his office. To be precise, throughout the morning, when His Majesty the Emperor should have appeared, he disappeared from beginning to end. When the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer once again tacitly sighed that the youthful years were so beautiful, His Majesty the Emperor was hugging his future Queen and rubbing his ears.

In fact, Shang Ping didn't like this kind of intimacy. Regardless of other things, there is a certain gap in ability, which makes Shang Ping lack the strength to bite. In this way, the kisses on his face and the corners of his lips made his hair stand on end. As soon as he thought of spending the rest of his life with this beautiful beast, Shang Ping had an urge to escape from marriage.

Of course, this is just an unrealistic fantasy, and there is no chance of putting it into practice.

Soran Edrich lightly rubbed Shang Ping's smooth back, his pale lips gently sucked on the corners of his rosy lips, and as the white palm continued to descend, Shang Ping firmly clasped his wrist.

"Your Majesty, no."


"I'm not feeling well." Shang Ping looked at Solan Edrich, "I can't even raise my hand now." Shang Ping's tone was very calm, but it contained a sense of accusation.

Soran Edrich raised one of his tail hairs, then raised the corners of his lips, his blue eyes flashed a playful light, resting his head on one hand, lying on his side beside Shang Ping, "Dear, you are so enthusiastic The praise makes me very happy.”


$%$$…! Can this man have any more teeth?

Shang Ping gritted his teeth helplessly. He was very sure that if he continued to say something, His Majesty the Emperor was likely to respond to him once again because of his "compliment".

In that case, he may never see the sun tomorrow...

It seemed that Shang Ping's helplessness was very interesting. Soran Edrich covered his eyes with one hand and laughed softly. In the interval, he saw Shang Ping's wide-open eyes, and fell down on the bed with an unstoppable laugh, with his arms over Shang Ping. His waist, while laughing, bit Shang Ping's collarbone lightly. It didn't hurt, it was a little numb, and Shang Ping also thought that what he had just thought was a little funny, looked at the emperor, and simply put his arms around the emperor's neck, and laughed.

He hadn't been so relaxed in a long time. It seems that after coming to this world, except when he stayed by Uncle Edgar's side, he has never relaxed himself so recklessly without any scruples. This man is strong enough, strong enough to contain everything about him, he doesn't need any reason, he just cares about himself, maybe he likes himself, that's enough.

Gently brushing aside a strand of silver hair that fell on the emperor's forehead, Shang Ping kissed the emperor's forehead, a pious kiss without any impurities. Soran Edrich had momentary doubts, raised Shang Ping's chin lightly, and probed deeply into the depths of those brown eyes, but Shang Ping stared at the emperor without concealment until the blue eyes overflowed. Full of gentle smiles, no longer cold.

Shang Ping's black hair was a little longer, and he turned his head to the side, and he could see that the silver hair was intertwined with the black hair. He took the emperor's hand, clasped his fingers, and whispered in a language that Soran Edrich had never heard before. Said: "Left hair, hold hands. With an alien... Did I make a profit, or did I lose a lot?"

"what are you saying?"

"It's nothing." Shang Ping smiled and kissed Soran Edrich's chin, and said, "I'm saying, I'm very lucky. It must have been hit on the head by a meteorite loaded with luck."

No matter the age, sweet talk is an indispensable ultimate weapon.

Shang Ping thought while kissing the emperor's lips, sure enough, he still earned it...

Delaying the morning meeting did not mean that the emperor could not work all day.

When Soran Edrich was entangled in government affairs that had accumulated for a day, Shang Ping thought he could have a good rest, but was informed by the attendant that there was a guest visiting.

Shang Ping was a little surprised, he didn't think anyone would come to visit him specifically. If he married Soran Edrich, there might be guests of courtesy or otherwise, but not now.

"who is it?"

"It's Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich."

The Grand Duchess Edrich?

"Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich is a member of the royal family, with a wealthy leader and a fleet loyal to the royal family. His Majesty the Emperor has invited the Grand Duchess to stay in the capital until the end of your wedding with His Majesty, and then return to the leader."

Shang Ping nodded and was very grateful for the reminder in the servant's Mandarin. No matter what the Grand Duchess's purpose was, he had to see her.

After being reminded by the attendant, Shang Ping thought for a while, and walked into the reception room still wearing the military uniform of the rank of major. The collar and epaulets have been carefully wiped, and the small gemstones inlaid are shining.

Apart from Empress Dowager Yilan, this is the first time Shang Ping has met a female member of the royal family of Edrich. Although there were also members of the royal family at the previous banquet, except for Harlan Edrich, most of them were The collateral line with sparse blood is different from the royal family who holds real power and has a title like Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich.

"Her Majesty, it's a pleasure to meet you."

After Shang Ping's greetings, Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich returned the greetings in a proper manner. The two briefly exchanged a few polite greetings, and the conversation gradually entered the topic.

The reception room where Shang Ping and Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich were located was specially used to receive members of the royal family. The surrounding walls are hung with golden tapestries, and the gorgeous patterns do not give people a sense of complexity. The decorative fireplace is actually a central temperature control system, and the appropriate temperature and humidity give people a comfortable feeling.

Shang Ping and Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich sat face to face on the fabric sofa. On the low table carved out of crystal, next to a pot of fragrant milk tea, three layers of silver trays hold delicate desserts decorated with flowers and berries. Beautifully shaped and gorgeously colored, these treats look more like jewel-encrusted crafts than pastries used for afternoon tea.

Shang Ping was not accustomed to the heavy taste of royal spices, and Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich didn't like it either. This point coincides with Soran Edrich.

"You surprised me a little." Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich spoke as her character, straightforward, but not offensive. "I find it hard to believe that you are only sixteen."

"Your words are extremely precious affirmations to me." Shang Ping said with a smile.

"Actually, I came to see you today because I have a certain relationship with His Majesty the Emperor."


"Two months later, you will become the queen of the empire, not the imperial concubine. I believe His Majesty the Emperor has already told you."


"Do you think you can do it?"

If it wasn't for Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich's tone and expression not being malicious at all, Shang Ping would have thought that the other party was mocking him.

"Your question makes it difficult for me to answer." Shang Ping thought for a while and said seriously: "No one is perfect. I won't say that I am definitely suitable for that position, but, His Majesty the Emperor chose me, I'll just let myself fit him. Maybe in the end, I'm still not doing well, but what does it matter?"

"Yes." Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich sighed softly, "you are indeed very smart. What His Majesty the Emperor needs is a wife, not a competitor who always stands up to him or a queen who uses imperial power to benefit the family. Unlike his father, he doesn't like the old-fashioned aristocracy."

Shang Ping looked at Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich, and the Grand Duchess smiled. Shang Ping was momentarily dazed. This smile was very similar to the emperor's smile.

"I have a few words for you, I hope you don't think it's offensive to you."

"Of course not. It's my pleasure."

"Please remember that when you take over the Queen's scepter, you will have the royal surname of Edrich, and you will be a member of the glorious family that rules the universe. Short-sighted power grabs and intrigues are a mistake, when you stand in the pyramid At the top of the world, the whole universe will be at your feet. What other people are crazy about is your bargaining chip. When you really understand all this, you will know that conspiracy is something completely different from conspiracy and conspiracy. An art. Holding hundreds of millions or even tens of billions of planets and human lives in the palm of your hand, serving your empire."

After hearing this, Shang Ping looked at the Grand Duke with a complicated look, and couldn't help asking, "Why did you tell me this?"

"The queen also has half the right to inherit the throne." Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich looked serious, "You have enough restraint, and you must have the same ambition. Telling you this is not to encourage you to have unreasonable ideas. Just to let you know how to deal with yourself. Every imperial queen will hear this, but very few can really do it. It is not me, but other members of the royal family will come to visit you. His Majesty invites you I stayed in the capital, and I must have hoped that I would tell you this, after all, the Empress Dowager Yilan herself is not doing very well, even though she is a mother, she is impeccable."

Grand Duchess Mancia Edrich finished her words, put away her serious face, and winked mysteriously Chong Shangping, and said, "His Majesty the Emperor almost made it clear to me before that you will become the queen of the empire. It's ridiculous that some people I thought...still dreaming about spring and autumn dreams. Like the emperor, I hate the moths that stick to the blood of the empire. One day, the emperor will crush them all to death. He will be one of the greatest monarchs in the history of the empire. , so, his queen will also be on par with him, right?"

For some reason, Shang Ping suddenly felt a lot of pressure. Was he not threatened?

The Grand Duchess had already picked up a piece of delicate dessert, bit down the small amethyst-like berries on the dessert, and admired the cooking skills of the court pastry chef.

That night, Shang Ping resolutely kicked the emperor out of his bedroom on the grounds of physical discomfort. He needed to digest and absorb the words of the Grand Duke. In the next few days, the emperor had no chance to step into Shang Ping's bedroom for half a step. Because of this, Shang Ping never had the opportunity to tell the emperor about the garrison of Muse Planet. When Shang Ping remembered to talk to the emperor, he didn't waste much words. The emperor agreed to Shang Ping's request. star.

"Imperial army, isn't the Deco galaxy fleet the imperial army?"

The problem that Shang Ping had been worried about was easily resolved by such a sentence. Of course, after this understatement, the emperor was leaving. The ore star also told Shang Ping that the Deco galaxy also belonged to the empire, just like Shang Ping belonged to him. . As for the rest, the emperor was not interested.