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"Yes, deputy chief, I understand."

It was late at night. After the discussion, Itachi walked out and saw Uchiha Izumi on the bench next to him.

Uchiha Izumi had already leaned on the chair and dozed off.

Itachi remembered Izumi's death in the illusion.

My heart twitched violently.

Itachi stepped forward and patted Quan on the shoulder: "What are you doing here?"

Quan raised his head in confusion: "Itachi?"

Then he woke up.

"'s okay, I'm going back."

Quan's cheeks turned red, and he stood up to leave in a panic.

"Quan..." Itachi stopped Quan.

"Huh?" Quan turned around, looking playful and cute under the dim light.

Itachi was silent for a moment: "Let's go eat three-color meatballs tomorrow."

"Plop! Plop!" Quan's heartbeat sounded a little obvious in the silent night.

The sudden feeling of happiness made Quan's brain almost feel hot and smoking.


Quan covered his face and left as if running away: "See you at the river tomorrow!"

When Itachi saw Quan walking away, a rare gentle smile appeared on his face.

Chapter 8 Arrangement

Root headquarters.

"Sir, Sandai sent someone to get Shisui's left eye."

Danzo gritted his teeth and said, "Go to the collection room and get a Sharingan."

Root member below: "But we only have four Sharingan left."

Danzo slapped the armrest heavily: "Don't you know, don't you know? The third generation will not be able to get through without handing over a Sharingan."


The more Danzo thought about it, the angrier he became, "You bastard! What a shame!"

Danzo's face was gloomy, he had never been plotted like this before. I suffered such a big loss today, it was like stealing a chicken but losing a lot of rice.

Unexpectedly, Fugaku, who has always been weak, unexpectedly used an elder to serve as a microphone, and even openly broke with the village for Shisui's Sharingan.

You have to give them some eye drops no matter what.

The sky was dim, and the fourth elder Uchiha Hinata, who had only rested for a few hours, arrived at the Konoha Police Department early.

People from the police department come here every morning to report for their shifts. If something happens, a small meeting will be held.

When I walked to his office, there was a pile of complaints in front of me.

Most of them complained about Uchiha's violent law enforcement.

And every time he handles it, he rotates it, moving the Uchiha member who has been complained to another part of the village.

In this way, the complaint is resolved, and the Uchiha member complained against will not be punished.

But today was different. He picked up the feedback stamp engraved with "Suspension for Reflection" and stamped it on the complaint form.

For the sake of efficiency, the fourth elder also specially created several shadow clones to work together.

Otherwise, the shadow clone is a magical skill. In a short time, all the complaint documents were processed.

Yang Ping looked at it carefully and found out that according to the way he handled it, almost 80% of the members of the police force would be dismissed.

They are all hawkish Uchiha. After all, they have stronger personalities and it is normal to offend others.

And some doves were similarly removed from office.

When everyone gathered, Yang Ping took a list and read: "Yuta, Haruto, Naoto, Yao, Kei..."

"All the people I just mentioned, because of the complaints, you have all been suspended for reflection..."

Before Yang Ping finished speaking, there was already a clamor below: "Fourth Elder! Is there a mistake!? We have been suspended?"

When Yang Ping glared, the people below immediately shut up.

"Idiot! What are you yelling about! You have other plans! Now all report to the deputy chief!"

Then he gave a special look to the people below.

These people are all members of the Eagle Clan, and they usually follow the three elders.

After the incident last night where Natsuki forcefully wanted Shisui's Sharingan back.

These people all saw Xia Mu's obvious hawkish style, and everyone knew it.

So the fourth elder's look made everyone below think about it.

Thinking that the deputy chief would do something, they all left without saying a word.

After all the people from the Hawks left, the hall of the police department became empty in an instant.

The rest are all dove members who are close to him, or the kind of members who can't rely on both sides.

Yang Ping arranged: "The rest of you, the areas you patrol today will all be changed to the property of our Uchiha clan. If there is any situation elsewhere, you are not allowed to go there."

"Protecting our Uchiha property is the first priority, do you understand?"

Although the people below are all doves and relatively sensible Uchihas, they are usually criticized by many villagers.

They were all happy to hear that they didn't have to patrol other places and only had to look after Uchiha's property.

I enthusiastically assigned the patrol route and went out to patrol.

As expected by the third generation, Uchiha Fugaku proposed to hold a high-level meeting in the morning.

The people attending the meeting included three generations, Hyuga Hizashi, Uchiha Fugaku, and Uchiha Natsuki.

Danzo was humiliated, but he retreated to his roots and did not come over.

Seeing that Fugaku brought Natsuki here again today, several people secretly wondered, could Fugaku really be training this guy?

Today, Fugaku became the same as before. He said respectfully to the third generation: "Hokage-sama, please forgive me. I was also very anxious last night, so I took this step."

The third representative looked kind and friendly on the surface, but there was a murmur in his heart. Shouldn't Fugaku come to charge today?

"Fugaku, you're too polite. It's impossible for any ninja to remain calm when something like this happens."

Fugaku nodded and stepped aside, allowing Natsuki to stand up and speak.

Natsuki's tone was calm today: "My clan leader knows that there is a lot of friction between our police force and the villagers, which will be detrimental to the security of Konoha in the long run."

"Our clan leader has been committed to reforming the police force. Those members of the violent law enforcement team who have been complained by villagers have been suspended by the clan leader."

"Hmm..." Sandai agreed. What kind of medicine is being sold in this Uchiha gourd.

How much will the Uchiha get if the villagers complain about violent law enforcement? Is there any Uchiha who has not been complained about?

That proportion is probably not 80%. Are these all suspended?

Natsuki continued: "Most of the Uchiha have been suspended. There are many positions in our security team. Today, we invited the head of the Hyuga clan here just to ask for help from the Hyuga clan and arrange some people into the security team to maintain its normal operation."


The third generation and Rizu couldn't control the expressions on their faces at all, and both looked dull.

You must know that the Guard has always been the domain of Uchiha. Ninety-nine percent of the members are members of the Uchiha clan, and outsiders cannot get involved at all.

This also resulted in the Uchiha clan's power tentacles being here. Fugaku's invitation to foreign aid to join the guard force would undoubtedly greatly reduce the control of the guard force.

The influence on the entire village has decreased, which undoubtedly means that the position of the Hokage is getting further and further away.

Could it be! ? …

Is Fugaku trying to express that he doesn't care about power in exchange for preferential treatment from the village?

Or are the Uchiha and the Hyuga family collaborating?

Sandai thought so, but was not sure yet.

He said in an official tone: "Deputy Chief Natsuki, I am very pleased that you can start to consider the relationship between Uchiha and the village. I have no objection. You can have a good talk with Hizu."

Rizu was not knocked unconscious by the pie falling from the sky. His first thought was that Fugaku had some conspiracy.

But the meat was already in his mouth, and the Hinata family also wanted to try it out to see if it was bait or not.

After all, the Hyuga family is declining day by day, and the power class in Konoha is also gradually declining.

If I could gradually take control of the police force...

Hiashi gave Fugaku and Natsuki a friendly smile.

Natsuki also laughed.

We Uchiha have enough thunder tops, now let's try your Hinata's.

Chapter 9 The happy fourth elder

Konoha Third Street, this is a bustling commercial street.

Izakaya, restaurants, hot springs, and gambling houses are all available.

However, disputes are prone to occur in crowded places, especially on commercial streets like this.

Normally this street is patrolled by a small group of Uchiha guards.

But I didn’t see it today.

At this time, a person fell out of the izakaya. This person smelled of alcohol, but he was a drunk.

The owner of the izakaya stood up and said: "You dare to cause trouble after drinking a little wine, and you still want to eat a king's meal?"

The drunk man burped: "What's so great, don't I owe you money for a drink?"

"If you dare to be so arrogant without giving me money, hit me!"

The boss called two guys and beat the drunkard with fists and kicks.

After beating for a long time, the drunk man gave up until his nose was bruised and his face was swollen.

The drunk man was beaten until he was covered in bruises, and many people gathered around him to watch the fun.

Usually whenever there is a fight, the security team will come quickly. Today, it is rare that there is no security team. It is a good show.

It took the drunkard a while to get up from the ground. He was very angry when he saw so many villagers pointing at him.

He cursed a few words bitterly, separated from the crowd and left.

Seeing that there was no excitement to be seen, the crowd slowly dispersed.

Unexpectedly, within ten minutes, the drunk man left and returned again.

There was also a pot in his hand, needless to say, it was wine again.

But his expression was a little dull and his movements were mechanical.

The drunkard took the wine and didn't drink it. Instead, he stuffed the mouth of the pot with a cloth, lit it, and smashed it against the door of the izakaya.

With a bang, the flames followed the strong liquor and lit the door curtain of the izakaya on fire in a short time. The fire was originally very small.

But in the shadow next to him, a member of the Roots wearing a mask and white clothes secretly formed a seal.

Wind Escape, a big breakthrough!

He controlled the amount of chakra, opened his mouth and spit it out,

A gust of wind blew along the flames.